Up Close: With Tom Herzog of Flint Powers

"Yeah, it'd be pretty cool, they are a pretty good group of guys. I don't know Leon [Freeman], we've never met, but going there with the guys would be cool." --Powers center Tom Herzog on the prospects of joining up with Raymar Morgan, Isaiah Dahlman and perhaps Leon Freeman of Belleville to form a "Fantastic Four" recruiting class at MSU.

EAST LANSING -- Two high profile recruits visited the East Lansing campus of Michigan State this weekend, Canton, OH forward Raymar Morgan and Flint Powers center Tom Herzog.

Morgan decided to commit to Michigan State but Herzog did not. GSN wanted to find out where MSU stood with the Powers big man and see if he still has MSU in his top-three.

GSN: How was your visit to Michigan State?
HERZOG: "Good."

GSN: Just good?
HERZOG: "I don't know, I really liked it there."

GSN: Is this your first visit?
HERZOG: "No, I took an official visit to Michigan in May."

GSN: You're still planning to take your visit to Notre Dame?
HERZOG: "Yes, I'm going to visit on the 14th [of October]."

GSN: What are you looking for in a university now?
HERZOG: "Just somewhere where I fit in and where they can make me a better player."

GSN: So a coach that has experience with big men would make a difference?
HERZOG: "I guess, there's lot of things that go into it, but yes."

GSN: What do you like about Coach Izzo?
HERZOG: "He's a great college coach who's won lots of game and sent lots of people to the NBA."

GSN: What the recruiting experience been like?
HERZOG: It's cool, I mean it's starting to get old because it's been going on for a long time. I excited to have my school and kind of get it over with.

GSN Do you have a timetable for committing?
HERZOG: "Yes, I should commit within the next few weeks."

GSN: So you're going to sit down with your parents after the Notre Dame visit and decide?
HERZOG: "Yes, that's the plan."

GSN: See any difference in the campus atmosphere of the schools you've visited?
HERZOG: "The basketball's a little big bigger at State than the football, while Michigan [seems to be] a football school."

GSN: The fact that you attend a Catholic high school [Powers] and Notre Dame is a Catholic school, does that give Notre Dame an edge? HERZOG: "It gives them a little, it's another plus for Notre Dame."

GSN: How about the difference between the Big East vs. the Big Ten?
HERZOG: "I'd say the Big East, with the new team alignments, is probably going to be a little bit stronger than the Big Ten. But the Big Ten is still a good conference so it's not that big of a deal."

GSN: Only two basketball recruits there this weekend?
HERZOG: "We were the only two there on an official visit but for the football game they had pretty much all their recruits there."

GSN: When you heard Morgan committed you knew Isaiah Dahlman had already committed and Leon Freeman is being rumored to State, is that the kind of group you'd like to be part of?
HERZOG: "Yeah, it'd be pretty cool, they are a pretty good group of guys. I don't know Leon...we've never met, but going there with the other guys would be cool."

GSN: Did you get to know Raymar Morgan?
HERZOG: "We didn't really talk that much, I met him and that's the first step I guess."

GSN:Pretty good guy?
HERZOG: "Yeah, he sounds like a good guy. He came there with all his family. He was pretty quiet but he seems like a good guy."

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