John L's Press Conference: Purdue week part 1

MSU coach John L. Smith spoke to the press on a number of topics. Here are the transcripts of just a few of those questions and responses.

On Brandon McKinney:
``Brandon played this week the way that Brandon can play. Brandon has to get off and attack and get off of blocks and run. He's starting to play, he played much better this week."

On Matt Haughey:
```Chips-a-Haughey?' What we do is we call him up at the end of practice every day and we put the team around him and try to harass him as much as possible and then we make him kick all over the field and the harassment in brutual. It's kind of a ritual that we can't tell you what we do, we'd have to kill you."

On shifting Wheeler and Kaczmarek out in the formation at tight end:
``[Kaczmarek will] catch the same number as Stefan (Wheeler) would have caught. Didn't he look good? You see him come off the line? His arms moved but his feet didn't! The guys practice that and you know everbody start to laugh. You could almost hear the fans. When he shifted out there and he's standing out there, it was almost a little bit of a buzz coming from the fans. It's called two-point play and it worked."

On Purdue's lack of offensive productivity:
``I think they're much better than they've shown. I've looked at their personnel and all I can say is I hope they continue to play the way they have."

``I can't put my finger on it because I've not looked at them all of that degree, game-by-game. You get 'cut-ups', so you know from this formation this is what they're doing. I can't tell you where they're faltering. I know I was able to watch the Penn State game in succession. It seemed like they had a little bit of a problem - Penn State got some pressure - and they had a little bit of a problem with some completions.

Scariest player for Purdue?
``[Dorian] Bryant. He's got exceptional speed, [he can ]make you miss. They try to get the ball into his hands as much as they can. They throw it to him, they bring him back into the backfield, they'll pitch it to him, they'll give it to him on reverses, he's their return guy. So they try to get the football to him as much as they can."

On a few empty seats in Spartans stadium:
``It's always disappointing when the house in not full as a coach, but I guess it depends on where you are (in the standings). The place should be packed regardless, but it depends on where you are."

Did Purdue coach Joe Tiller's success make JLS a more attractive candidate for this job?
``I don't know. I have no clue to be honest with you."

On cornerback/returner Demond Williams:
``He got Big Ten Special Teams player of the week, which was good for him. I kind of took him aside yesterday and put my arm around him and encouraged him that that focus has to continue to improve on the defensive portion of it. He really did some good things for us on special teams. That kickoff return, as you know, that was huge. And we can get at more of that."

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