Update: Recruit Mike Blanc likes MSU

"I got to chill with Coach (John L.) Smith and all the coaches and Coach Smith is a really cool guy, " --MSU recruit Mike Blanc.

GoSpartans.net caught up with Deerfield, Florida defensive tackle Mike Blanc to see how he liked his visit to MSU, and found some good things as far as the Spartans are concerned.

"I got to chill with coach (John L.) Smith and all the coaches and Coach Smith is a really cool guy, " stated Blanc. "He hung out with the players, and recruits and I can tell he genuinely cares about people. You don't get a lot of coaches that will just hang out, usually the head coach is off somewhere else."

"I can tell that the players in the program, he really cares about them. It's a place where if you go there they will care about you. I like the fact that if you don't redshirt you can have an extra year to get your degree."

"Plus the facilities are in top condition, perfect. Plus coach (Mike) Cox is funny, he has a good sense of humor," added Blanc.

Sounds like you are ready to commit? "My mom thinks I won't find a better visit than this one but I still want to take them to be sure." So what visits are left? "I have Auburn this week, Arizona State next week, and maybe Miami (Fla)."

So what is happening down there with Miami? "They fired four coaches, so it is a little messy right now," responded Blanc.

Sometimes, tone inflection is not obvious in the written word, and Blanc was obviously gushing about MSU and I asked Mike about that. "Well, I'll take my visits, but I'm not sure it will match up to this visit (to Michigan State), and if they don't I'll go there (MSU)."

So what has MSU said about position and playing time? "They like me for a three-technique (defensive) tackle and want me to play early." Mike is a solid 6-foot-4 265-pounds with 4.8 speed. He had 70 tackles and ten sacks this year.

One coach told Mike that if he had to go to MSU he would have to play in cold weather, but Mike wasn't buying it. "I just played in a Florida All-Star game and it was 32 degrees," laughed Blanc. Having lived in Florida in the past myself, we talked about how it gets cold in Florida and most people don't realize that. "I had a coach that went up there for the summer (to Michigan) and he really liked it," concluded Blanc.

Things are shaping up well for MSU in regards to Mike Blanc now, so MSU will have to play the waiting game a little longer to see if Mike pulls the trigger in favor of the Spartans.

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