Florida Recruits Talking MSU

GSN had a chance to talk to Florida defensive lineman Mike Blanc, and received some of the most revealing information to date on not only what he is thinking, but what some of the other recruits in Florida are thinking.

OKEMOS, MI - GSN had a chance to talk to Florida defensive lineman Mike Blanc, and received some of the most revealing information to date on not only what he is thinking, but what some of the other recruits in Florida are thinking.

So Mike, how did the Auburn visit go? "It was one of my better visits," stated Blanc, "I need to get my questions answered from all these Universities. Then when I make a decision, I can compare and contrast and make the best decision for me."

So what did you like about Auburn? "The players have a family bond with each other, the players bonded with coaches, and I just felt comfortable," added Blanc.

Mike continued, "The facilities were nice, the stadium was huge, and I might have a good opportunity to play early."

Auburn brought in seven defensive tackles on your visit, how do you view that? "I'm not worried," responded Blanc. "They have two players graduating and one heading out in the NFL draft. I know I can compete, I have confidence in my ability. I am a hard worker and I can handle my business."

So are you waiting to signing day, or are going to make a early decision? "I will probably verbal before signing day, some schools may be running low in scholarships, which could be a concern."

So what's next on the visit list Mike? "I will be heading out to Arizona State on Thursday and Friday, and will come home Saturday night, then I will immediately fly out and visit Miami (FLA.) on Sunday and Monday, and leave and be home on Tuesday," said Blanc.

So what do you know about ASU? "Not a lot, but but my coaches trust (ASU assistant coach) Bill Miller. He met with my parents and they like him a lot to, they trust him."

Is the Miami visit an official visit or a unoffical visit, have they offered? "It's an official visit, but they haven't offered, they want to see more film, but once they get it they'll love it," was the confident response from Mike.

How about your MSU visit, remind Spartan fans how that went? "It was straight, the only disadvantage was a lot of the players were gone, so I didn't see the bond (between the players), most of the players were on Christmas vacation."

"But I was hosted by No.92, Cliff Ryan. He is a straight-up cool dude, he would say, 'If you have a question, ask me?' Cliff had great things to say (about MSU) and he showed me all around. He was really cool. In fact, I have his phone number here."

"The facilities and stadium at MSU were also great, people were telling me there would be three feet of snow on the ground and be really cold, and it wasn't cold at all, plus they have indoor facilities, and will play most of their games in the fall anyway," added Blanc.

Then I got some interesting information from Mike Blanc:

Mike, you had some Florida kids that visited Auburn with you, do you know anything about Geno Atkins?

"I talked to Geno last night at the Broward-Dade All-Star game," said Blanc, "and I honestly believe he is leaning toward Michigan State because of that kicker (MSU verbal commit Brett Swenson)," stated Blanc. "In fact, he told me he was thinking about just doing it (committing), but he will take his visit to have something to compare with."

"In fact, Geno is visiting this weekend and he might like it better because all the players will be there."

GSN asked if that could affect Mike's decision? "Yeah that might factor in, I'm cool with these three, Geno and the kicker, we talked about that. Geno asked me about(MSU)."

Know anything about Bryant Miller? "Oh, yeah, that's funny, I just got off the phone with him and he was asking me about MSU as well, and I said he would love it. He is also going to MSU this weekend, he really likes MSU, but wants something to compare it to as well (having already visited Auburn.)"

Anybody else in Florida you want to mention? "Charles Deas (6-foot-4 326-pound defensive tackle from Lauderdal Lakes, Florida) was one of the best defensive tackles in the state, Auburn was his first visit, and he was talking a lot about FSU and Nebraska."

So Mike, how did you play in the Dade-Broward All-Star game? "I played great, I laid out the quarterback three times, I didn't get any sacks because they were trying to throw it out of bounds (to avoid the sack). I was credited with four tackles and three quarterback hurries."

"We lost the game by a touchdown, 35-28, there were wide receivers running wide open," added Blanc.

How did Geno play? "Geno didn't want to play, I think he felt since all the big schools were after him it wouldn't help him," responded Blanc. "But I had to play, I had to represent for Dade." A pride thing? "Yep, a pride thing," laughed Blanc.

How about the kicker (Brett Swenson)? "He played good, I mean, in the game we were lining up for a field goal but ran a fake reverse, but he would have made it though. In practice he was making them from over 40-yards. Dang, he has a leg that boy," concluded Blanc.

There was a lot of talk elsewhere that many of these kids had written MSU off, apparently that is not the case.

GSN will have more on these developing situations later. So stay tuned.

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