Exclusive Interview with OLSM's Coach Porritt

GSN had a chance to talk to to legendary Orchard Lake St Mary head coach George Porritt. In this interview, he talks about star player, Jonathan Misch. Misch will be getting plenty of help from MSU's Kaleb Thornhill as Jonathan makes the adjustment to college football.

OKEMOS,MI- GSN had a chance to chat with legendary Orchard Lake Saint Mary Coach George Porritt and he had some interesting things to say about star player, Jonathan Misch.

Porritt should know football, in 2005 he was nominated for the 'NFL's High School Coach Of The Year' award. This prestigious award had an impressive board looking at the candidates that included legendary greats Chuck Noll and Bill Walsh. In fact, he now has an impressive 153-35 record at St. Mary's.

So coach did you win that award? "No I didn't, but it was a nice honor, one of my former players nominated me for that award," stated Poritt.

So how big and fast is Misch? "He is all of 6-foot-3, and 195-pounds, and runs a 4.7 forty," responded Porritt.

So Coach, what kind of football player is he in your opinion? "The kid is not big," said Porritt, "but he has a motor that won't stop, he plays hard all the time, and is relentless. He shows up and fights, and doesn't back down."

"Let me tell you, he can play, he is a very good football player, he plays hard in practice, and is not afraid to mix it up. Here's a kid that stays after it, and stays after it."

Porritt continued, "He will make a good outside linebacker with speed to rush the quarterback. He has a great first step and good hand-eye cordination."

"He also plays other sports, he is a wrestler, and a concert pianist, and practices Tae Kwon Doe, he is unique, and what I term a 'live wire'. He is spirited and passionate."

So where would you rank him in all the players you have had at St Mary's? "Well, in terms of work ethic, right at the top, and Grant Mason (UM football player) would be right there," added Porritt.

So what did the John L. Smith like in Misch? "He watched the film and he saw that Misch was making play after play, and could really run. I'll tell you, he can play defensive end or fullback as well, he is not a bad runner either."

We know he has the reputation as a good pass rusher, how does he play against the run? "Teams stopped running to his side of the field."

That concluded our interview with Coach Porritt, but it appears some revealing things were said. Certainly Misch has the work ethic that will rub off on his teammates, and he can stop the run. Hopefully MSU will become a little more physical with a guy like Jonathan Misch now in the fold.

Luckily, MSU has some solid leaders at linebacker to help him make the adjustment, including Kaleb Thornhill, who along with Coach Cox will get him ready for some big time college football.

Now that recruiting for 2006 is done, Orchard Lake also has some solid players for 2007 ready to shine. The most prominent ones are cornerback Dionte Allen and quarterback Justin Siller. MSU is recruiting both of those players.

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