David Williams picks MSU, Atkins Deciding.

MSU may have have picked up a commitment, and possibly another, but for the most part, the news was mixed for the Spartans.

OKEMOS,MI-GSN report: You win some, and lose some, and this weekend proved to be the case for MSU in terms of football recruiting. So lets get to the highlights:

1. David Williams, a 5-foot-9, 170-pound wide receiver from Monroeville(PA), has rescinded a soft verbal to Kent State, and has chosen MSU. Williams was selected to play in the Big-33 All-Star game.

2. J'Michael Deane and Vaughn Martin have apparently given verbal committments to MSU. My source said that a "a defensive tackle or tackles from Canada committed to MSU". I'll have more soon.

After that, the news is mixed at best:

1. Mike Blanc, a great kid to talk to, has chosen Auburn as his place to play football.

2. GSN talked to Bryant Miller tonight, who had this to say about his MSU visit:

"It was good, very interesting. I'm down to three, Auburn, MSU, and Miami. This is an important decision that will affect the rest of my life, so I am going to sit down and pray about it."

He admitted Auburn might be his slight leader and then took it back, "No, no, they are all even."

What are you looking for in a school? "I'm looking for a place I can call my second home."

When will that decision come? "Next Saturday."

3. Next GSN talked to Byron Isom, who stated that "everyone is even, and it will be between MSU, Auburn, and South Carolina."

So what did you like and not like about the visit? "Well," stated Isom, "Everything was great except I got a little cold as you can tell. I also didn't like the flight from Lansing to Detroit."

"As far as what I liked, the players showed me around, I like the new weight room. It was a beautiful campus."

So what are you looking for in a school? "A good education and playing time," responded Isom.

Did your teammate Mario Fannin make it to MSU? "Nope, he didn't even visit."

Next, I talked to Geno Atkins mom, Sandra, while Geno was getting gas, and she related the following: "He liked his visit to MSU. I haven't had time to talk to him about it much." She added, "We will be having in-home visits this week from MSU, Auburn, and Georgia, and will know something by Wednesday or Thursday."

I then called Tim Brown's residence and his family claimed he didn't even visit MSU but went to "somewhere in Ohio."

It's to early to tell, and although Miller said everyone was even, everyone will have to beat Auburn in my opinion.

Aa far as Isom, getting a cold doesn't help, but he also mentioned location briefly, and then said maybe that won't be a factor. But I get the feeling that maybe it will. I look for him to possibly stay closer to home.

Atkins is smart to have mom screen his calls. I also think everyone will have a legit shot with this in-home visit. This at least gives MSU an opportunity to plead their case.

So, that is my brief Sunday night phone call wrap-up, GSN will try to get some more information about Deane and Martin in the interim. I'll have more tommorrow, so stay tuned.

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