Spartan in the Spotlight: RT Jesse Miller

GSN caught up with this rising star and asked him, among other things, how did he improve so rapidly in such a short period of time.

EAST LANSING - Spartans right tackle Jesse Miller has been one of the stars of MSU spring practices.

Miller, 6-foot-6, who offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland said upon his arrival "could not block his daughter" has improved to the point that head coach John L. Smith has nicknamed him "The Body Snatcher" and has indicated he will likely be the starter at right tackle.

GSN caught up with this rising star and asked him, among other things, how did he improve so rapidly in such a short period of time.

GSN: How are things going so far?
Miller: "Everything's going good, I'm trying to improve everyday and I'm getting to the end, that's how it goes."

GSN: What are you working on right now?
Miller: "Pad level and staying on my blocks longer. I don't want them to shed off this block and make the play, so I'm working on staying on my block longer."

GSN: You've really improved in pass blocking, how did you do it?
Miller: "Practice, working on everything they teach us. For instance, staying in a 'duck' position - that's not a natural position, so you have to work on it more and more. Every day you get a chance to; just work at it." GSN: Is it simply hard work that got you to the point you are now?
Miller: "Pretty much, you just have to work hard to get where you need to go. I'm been working my best, now we'll see what happens."

GSN: How far have you come technique wise?
Miller: "Very far. Night and day, everything had to get adjusted 100 percent."

GSN: Are you doing OK in the classroom?
Miller: "Pretty good, I'm working on bringing my GPA up, it went down a little bit. I'm taking some classes in the summer to bring it on up."

GSN: Are you worried that with summer coming up you might regress somewhat?
Miller: "Aw man, we've got coach Manning in here, there's no break in there. We've got summer conditioning we're going to be working real hard the whole time, non-stop, never missing anything, keep going."

GSN: What have the coaches indicated you need to do to lock down the starting position?
Miller: "Keep improving every day, if I show improvement it won't be much left to do."

GSN: What do you make of Coach Smith criticism of the offensive line play thus far, is it just a coaches' mentality to push and not settle?
Miller: "Uh, no. We'll, maybe it is cause if we settle we're not going to get to where we need to be. It seems like we've settled a lot of times in the past few years. So, we can't settle for anything, nothing less (than our very best)."

GSN: Are you guys carrying an 'unfinished business' attitude this offseason?
Miller: "Uh, yeah, but man, acutally each year its been finished because we usually lose. (We lose) the last quarter, (we lose the) last play, little things like that, so we've got to finish everything all the way out."

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