Spartans "Dirty Dozen" Top Players In Spring

There were plenty of top performers this spring for the Spartans. GSN looks at the football players who had the best spring in GSN's "Dirty Dozen" feature.

OKEMOS,MI-Well, spring football is over and some players really improved their stock with some inspired and hard-nosed play.

GSN presents the top performers that came on and really shined. This list will actually be a "Baker's Dozen", as we feel thirteen players are easily deserving because of trememdous improvement and consistent play. So with that said, let's get to it:

1. Jonal Saint-Dic: Jonal was my top performer this spring. Of all the players I observed, he was the most consistent every time out. Saint-Dic really has taken his game to a new level. Previously he was just a pass rusher with speed. Now he can stuff the run and fill gaps. His improvement was impressive. After dominating the previous Saturday's open scrimmage, he concluded with six tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumbled in Friday's scrimmage.

2. A.J. Jimmerson: A.J. was the workhorse of the running backs as Javon Ringer and Jehuu Caulcrick had less work, and Jimmerson responded admirably, again, playing well in both scrimmages and finishing the finale with 132 yards on 28 carries with two touchdowns. He will give MSU three solid running backs this fall.

3. Nehemiah Warrick: MSU was looking for a safety this spring and found one in the hard-hitting Warrick. He started fast this spring but wasn't much of a factor on Friday. Regardless, he had one of the better springs of anyone out there.

4. Brian Hoyer: I was impressed with Brian and his progress. I think Spartan fans will also be less worried if Stanton is out of the line-up for any reason. He played well in both scrimmages, and on Friday led them to four touchdowns, three passing touchdowns in seven drives, and should have had a fifth touchdown. He finished the scrimmage hitting on 11-18 passes for 154-yards and 3 scores through the air.

5. T.J. Williams: T.J. is an impressive player-tall, slender, and...faster than all get out. Williams easily split defenders deep, and is an exciting player to watch. He impressed in both scrimmages and finished Friday's scrimmage with three catches for 108-yards and a touchdown. This guy reminds of Reidel Anthony, former Gator player, who also had speed, and an flamboyant personality and style. Some have mentioned his thin physique as a concern, but he is too talented not to play.

6. Devin Thomas: Thomas is a superb player in getting open and finding seams. I would have rated him higher but, similar to Warrick, he didn't get a lot of action on Friday. Don't worry, this guy had a great spring, and will be a "go-to" guy this fall.

7. Reggie Graham: Wow, has Graham improved or what. Graham reminds me more of a linebacker than a defensive end like in the mold of a Derrick Thomas or a Derrick Brooks, and has trememdous speed in getting to ball carriers and the quarterback. He played exceptionally well in the last two open scrimmages finishing Friday's game with nine tackles, two tackles for loss, two quarterback pressures and a forced fumble.

8. Ogemdi Nwagbuo: "OG" absolutely just stuff the middle of the line on defense and looks a little similar to Brandon McKinney in that regard. "OG" had three tackles, one tackle for loss, a quarterback pressure, and a forced fumble on Friday.

9. Adam Decker: Decker has really improved as a linebacker and was consistent in both scrimmages, but probably a little better in the previous Saturday's scrimmage with nine tackles. Decker will be a good football player for MSU.

10. Todd Boleski-Todd really showed consistency and a strong leg this spring and hit from long range. This placekicker is going to give Brett Swenson good competition as the number one placekicker this fall. His confidence has grown and he has the mental make-up to help MSU.

11. Andrew Hawken-Hawken really came on the last two scrimmages and recorded eight tackles, two for losses, with two quarterback pressures, and had a fumble recovery on Friday. In the previous Saturday scrimage he had nine tackles. This kid simply has a nose for the football and he will give MSU much need depth on the second tier.

12. Josh Rouse-Wow, here is another guy that surprised with good pursuit angles, and a bevy of tackles. This guy will get bigger and stronger and will be a force in years to come.

13. David Herron Jr.-I could have rated him higher, but he has played so well it almost has become routine for this linebacker. Emotional and fiesty, he will be one of the top linebackers in the country this year.

Honorable Mention: 1. Dwayne Holmes: Continues to impress at tight end. 2.Terry Love: We have come to expect big things from Terry and he always delivers at wide out. 3. Eric Gordon: Linebacker showed flashes of brillance. 4. Cole Malatinsky: Safety gave great effort when he got out there. 5. Jesse Miller: Starting to look good at offensive tackle. 6. Joel Nitchman: Back-up center was coming on until mild ankle sprain. 7. Diego Oquendo, Carl Grimes, and Deon Curry: All are improved over last year. 8. Greg Cooper: Making smooth transition to a cornerback position. 9. Joe Toth: Defensive tackle had his best spring so far and has improved.

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