N.Y. DT wonders: "Is MSU still interested?"

Top New York area defensive lineman says, "I've just gotten a lot of letters (from Michigan State), but I really [don't] know how high the interest level [is]."

Kevin Brown comes from New York, so you can excuse him for feeling a little bit overlooked at times. "I realize that guys would rather recruit from the south, or the Midwest," the Brooklyn native explains.

"I've realized that the talent is pretty much the same, because when I go out to camps, and do all sorts of things, I'm competing, and beating guys from Texas, Georgia, Florida, and all those places," the Canarsie High product said.

Brown is proficient in mathematics, and uses his arithmetic powers for good, telling GSN that he helps kids who struggle with the subject. "Because I'm such a good mathematics student, I tutor some young kids in my neighborhood in math." Brown indicated that he'd like to pursue a math degree in college.

Despite his ability to calculate the square root of infinity, Brown admitted that Michigan State's perceived interest in him just doesn't add up. "Honestly, I have no idea (about MSU's interest)," Brown said. "Maybe they just heard about me, maybe seen some film. I guess they recognize talent and potential, so I figured they had seen some potential in me."

The hot prospect said that his only contact with Michigan State has been conducted through the mail, and that he has not spoken to anyone from the university. "I've just gotten a lot of letters, but I really didn't know how high the interest level was," Brown said. "This is why this call (GSN's interview) kind of surprised me."

While Michigan State was the first school outside the east coat to take a look at Brown, the senior defensive tackle standout has recently received additional feelers from Illinois, Vanderbilt, Colorado. "I was shocked when I got a letter from Colorado," Brown admitted. "That one blew my mind."

Christopher Goulding is a teammate of Brown at Canarsie High, and he along with Brown is being recruited by some of the same schools like Pittsburgh, Rutgers, and Syracuse.

"Chris is a funny guy. I talked to Chris, that when we make the decision, we have to really put all the cards out, sit down and really think about what we're trying to get out of the school," Brown said.

"We'll go to a school for a day, he falls in love with it, and I'll kind of settle him down." He says that he conveys to his teammate that when choosing a college to play for, they have to pick a school that will have a positive effect on them long term.

"I tell him, whatever school you pick, Chris, you got to know you're going to be there for the next four years." While the two are close friends, Brown indicated that each athlete would choose the school that works for them, independent of the other.

"For me, it's really the best fit, the place where I'll get the best education, what system will fit me best." Brown listed Maryland, Virginia, Penn State, and Pittsburgh as his top four schools, though not necessarily in that order.

Besides tutoring, Brown spends some of his free time volunteering at a local hospital in the community. "We help kids in the hospital ward," Brown said. "They're sick kids, and have Sickle Cell Anemia. We just hang out, and do things with them. It's cool, and I really enjoy it."

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