GSN catches up with top West Coast CB Evans

"A lot of people are looking over me, like, I'm not a top player right now," said cornerback Mike Evans of Compton, CA. "It's just motivating me to play better, and show everybody that I'm the best."

Mike Evans out of Compton High (CA) feels like he doesn't get respect, and the motivation to garner some notoriety is what drives him to improve as a player. "A lot of people are looking over me, like, I'm not a top player right now," Evans said. "It's just motivating me to play better, and show everybody that I'm the best."

When participating at the camp, the top safety standout mentioned that he was hampered by an injury that led to slower run times than what he could have normally produced. "I pulled my groin a couple days before I ran up there. My fastest time was a 4.6, though."

Evans likes what he sees in the Michigan State program, enough to rank him as the #2 school he is looking at right now. "I just look at Michigan State as a physical team, they play well, and have a good tradition," Evans said. "I like the state, the weather. I like everything about it."

He mentioned that his contact with the MSU program has been limited to written correspondence through the mail. "I have just received letters. They've sent letters about the coaching staff, and that's about it."

Evans suggests that he could fill a role in the MSU secondary. "I'm a playmaker," the defensive prospect said. "I make plays, whether it's making an interception, or making the big hit."

While Evans claims that Michigan State is high on his list, he admits that being located far away would be the only drawback to attending the school. "What Michigan State lacks is (the fact that) they're not in my hometown, basically," Evans explains.

When asked whether or not he would be more likely to accept a scholarship from an in-state school, Evans was pragmatic about the issue. "That's a tough question right there," Evans conceded. "Michigan State is one of my top schools, and I like Cal a lot also," Evans said.

One through five, Evans said that Cal-Berkley is #1 on his list, followed, in order, by MSU, UCLA, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. Neither Cal-Berkley nor UCLA has made him a scholarship offer.

Evans like the fact that he gets to see Big Ten conference games on television, and he enjoys what he sees out of the Spartans. "As a matter of fact, I just finished watching a game this afternoon, on ESPNU, Michigan vs. Michigan State," Evans said. He was referring to a replay of Michigan's 34-31 win over the Spartans in the fall of 2005.

Evans spends some of his spare time assisting his father coach a Pop Warner football team. "After my practice, I go help his team out," Evans explains. He mentioned that he had been helping out with his father's team since he was a freshman in high school. "They were at a young age, like seven, and I've been with them since then, and they've grown up," Evans said.

While he helps out his old man, his father returns the favor by making sure Evans is doing the things necessary to be a better player. "He helps me endurance-wise," Evans said. "He used to run around Cal State Dominguez Hills everyday."

The senior prospect said that Dad's influence isn't limited to the football field. "He also pushes me in the classroom," Evans said. "He doesn't accept C's. I try to get as good as grades that I can." Evans told GSN that he had recently transferred from Carson, and is now attending Compton High.

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