GSN Talks With Rising Prep DE Al-Ghaffar Lane

As a top defensive end prospect, the Paterson Catholic star is trying to generate a buzz for schools looking at utilizing his services.

Shooting up the recruiting charts is a young man out of Paterson, New Jersey named Al-Ghaffar Lane. As a top defensive end prospect, the Paterson Catholic star is trying to generate a buzz for schools looking at utilizing his services.

Rutgers, Syracuse, Duke, Cincinnati, and Purdue are all schools that have extended a scholarship opportunity thus far. "West Virginia's been talking like they want to, that they'd like to come to one of my games," Lane said.

While the senior standout admits it would be nice to play his college ball close to home, he will not limit his opportunities. "It doesn't really matter; it's all about the school and the playing time," Lane said. "Wherever I go, I know my parents will support me," he insisted. "If I were at Rutgers, they'd probably make it to every game, but it's not that big of a deal."

In regards to Michigan State, Lane made it clear that he has a fondness for the tradition of the program.

"I'd love it, to be a Spartan, that'd be great," Lane said enthusiastically. "I know that traditionally their defense has been superior, and that's what I'd be playing."

He suggested that his contact with the MSU program has been limited to letters. He told GSN that he was unable to attend the football camp in East Lansing, and in fact had not made it to any camps in an effort to focus on his senior year.

When asked of his opinion of John L. Smith, Lane became excited.

"We just had a talk about that the other day," Lane said. "We compared him to our coach, Coach Wimberly, because he's really passionate about every detail," Lane submitted. "That's good, because that's what I play with here, and it would be an easy transition."

Lane's not sure about Michigan State's level of interest at this point. He told GSN that he would plan an official visit to the school if they showed an interest in him doing so. Lane had tentative plans to visit Purdue with teammate Malcom Harris next weekend, but he thinks that may fall through. "I talked to the coach, and he wants to move it to a later date."

He suggested that because of the fact Paterson Catholic plays a lot of their games on Saturday, it makes it difficult during the football season to schedule official visits.

GSN asked Lane to rank his Top 5, but that list consists only of the schools that have already made him an offer. He would like to play on the big stage, whether it is the Big Ten or elsewhere. "I'd love to play anywhere in the NCAA," Lane said. "For me to play on national television, that's always been a dream of mine."

When not lining up against opposing offensive lines, Lane runs track for Paterson Catholic in the spring. "My main event is the 400 relay," said Lane. "I do the 800 occasionally, but I'm not too big on it."

He also spends some of his free time helping out others with his teammates.

"At the senior citizens' home across the way from us, sometimes we go up there and help out there," Lane said. "We also plant trees around the neighborhood; being a Catholic School, we're always doing something."

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