SirDarean Adams trying to rally team to bowl

"Basically, I just feel like its my job to make a play early and hopefully that starts a chain reaction." -- MSU bandit SirDarean Adams

EAST LANSING - If Michigan State comes out flat against Purdue on Saturday don't blame SirDarean Adams. The junior bandit can't understand why Michigan State isn't putting their hearts into every snap of every game in an effort to save their season.

Adams, who ironically has endured injury, a preseason demotion, and a position switch, still says MSU's players need to come out fighting early and not allow Purdue to get out to a lead.

"I want to go into halftime with us up, not trying to come back from a deficit like the last (two weeks against Northwestern and Purdue)," said Adams.

"Hopefully we will start out fast, play fast every play, play emotionally every play. When you play with emotion, and you're jumping up and down making plays, that makes somebody else want to make a play and it becomes a chain reaction, everybody just starts making plays."

"Basically, I just feel like its my job to make a play early and hopefully that starts a chain reaction."

Adams has been fighting a losing battle. The Spartans have lost four of their last five games and emotion is why down. Coach John L. Smith has tried to motivate the team, but seemingly nothing is working. The Brandenton, FL star says he vowed to both Smith and defensive coordinator Chris Smeland he will get things turned around.

"My goal is to try to get everybody to play with emotion every play. Like I told Coach Smeland and Coach Smith, Saturday, I will put pressure on the defense to make a play. I have to be, somebody, a corner, myself, somebody just has to make a play to make a statement that we here and we going to keep playing the whole game. Hopefully it'll be a chain reaction."

He intimated that he feels not everyone truly loves the game the way those who play with emotion each snap do. "You've gotta love this game to play this game because your body goes through a lot. I mean, why have your body go through a lot if you don't love this game. If you don't love this game, you shouldn't be out there.

Coach tells everybody everyday, 'if you don't love this game don't come out there.' It's football, what better sport is there? You can hurt people, legally, without getting in trouble," joked the junior standout.

"What sport is better than this?"

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