Saban weighs in on Grantham

"Todd is an outstanding coach and was a very good recruiter and did an outstanding job for me." -- Miami Dolphins and former Michigan State head coach Nick Saban

EAST LANSING - As Michigan State begins talks with Todd Grantham to become their next head coach, Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban weighed in on what Grantham brings to the table.

Saban continues to be held in very high regard by the Michigan State administration and is good friends with current MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo.

GSN editor Mike Fowler spoke to Saban in a conference call yesterday and asked Saban about his former assistant head coach Grantham.

In a carefully measured response, Saban commented on Grantham but was careful not to say anything that would tend to favor Grantham over other candidates like Pat Shurmur, an all-Big Ten center under Saban's mentor, George Perles.

"There's several guys that I've worked with in the past, that have been my assistants and I think they'd all do a really good job. I think they've had some good mentors and some very good experience and Todd is an outstanding coach and was a very good recruiter and did an outstanding job for me, as did several other guys that coached for me and some of which coached for George as well, so I think there's some outstanding candidates," Saban said.

Saban was asked if he had been contacted by MSU for advice. "I talk to people up there all the time. I have a lot of good friends up there. But just because I talk to them....some of those people come to games down here sometimes.

They're all looking to come to Florida, so I see them on occasion, but I'm really not involved in anything that going on there. I'm really too busy trying to take care of our business here than to get involved in something like that right now."

Saban ruled out any chance that he was a candidate for the job. He continued to measure his response when asked had he been contacted for advice on the position.

"I would give them any advice that I could give them if they needed it, but I think they have capable people there," said Saban.

"My focus is on what we're trying to do here and I really don't have a lot of time to get involved in who the best candidate for their best particular situation is other than the guys that I know. And there's a lot of them that I feel would do a very good job."

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