PREPS: TJ's Top 15 Players in State Tourney

GSN's TJ Kelley takes a look at the players who shined under the white hot spotlight of the MHSAA tournament and some who have the potential to shine down the road.

LANSING, MI _ The top fifteen players of the tournament, the overlooked, and a few with potential:

Draymond Green, 6-foot-6 wing ‘08-Saginaw
Green's diverse play led the Trojans to a Class A Championship. He did it all for Saginaw and scored 27 in the championship (14 in the semi-finals). He recently committed to Kentucky but, with Tubby's departure re-opened his recruiting. Tubby was in the crowd for the championship victory.

Darnell Brown, 6-foot-2 guard ‘08-Detroit Country Day
Dee provided clutch shots and steady ball-handling when needed. Brown was the leading scorer in the Class B championship's with 22 with four threes in the mix. He scored 20 in the semi-final game.

Eli Redman, 6-foot-7 wing ‘08-Bath
Redman's scoring was there as well as his rebounding. But, his inside and furthermore all around play made him the best player when he stepped on the court. He scored 26 in the semi game and 13 and grabbed 12 off the glass in the championship game.

Tim Ryan, 6-foot-3 wing ‘07-Saginaw Nouvel
The Class C player of the year was a work horse that ran out of gas down the stretch of the title game; otherwise his name would be a couple of spots higher. Ryan is a scholarship baseball player (Oakland University, MI.) who scored 25 on Thursday and 18 on Saturday.

C.J. Paquin, 6-foot-1 shooting guard ‘09
Cedarville- Don't get in a shooting contest with this youngster (or his teammates) as his sharp shooting and basketball IQ made him the best sophomore over the three day stretch. He was 8 of 13 from the field en route to 27 championship points.

Dan Possehl, 6-foot-8 small forward‘08-Wyoming Tri-Unity Christian
Oh Yeah! If, the Defenders win the championship he might be #1 on this list. Shot it from deep, dunked over people, can handle the ball, and had a nice post game. Mr. Versatile scored had a monster championship game with 32 points and 15 boards. He scored 17 and grabbed 10 rebounds in the semi game.

Corperryale "Manny" Harris, 6-foot-5 wing/guard ‘07-Detroit Redford
Michigan's Mr. Basketball had to have the game of his life to defeat Saginaw in the Class title game. Needless to say he played well but, nothing near the performance of a lifetime. Harris scored 31 in the championship game and 14 in the semi final. He's still headed to the University of Michigan, depending on the new coach.

Kelvin Grady, 5-foot-10 point guard '07-East Grand Rapids
Grady showed his deft ball handling skills and burned the nets with three point bombs. He finished his career with a second trip to the Class B finals scoring 20. He added 12 points on Friday and had 13 assists over the two days. Grady is also scheduled to attend the University of Michigan.

Bobby Lewis, 6-foot-3 wing ‘07-Saginaw
Mr. Lockdown was exactly that in portions of Saturday's Championship win. He welcomed the challenge of stopping the state's highest scorer, Manny Harris, and did more than contain him at times. Lewis was the defender but, he also added 22 points over the two game session.

Justin Anyijong, 6-foot-8 forward '07
East Grand Rapids-Justin was valuable on the offensive glass putting back his teammates failed attempts. Defensively his long arms protected the basket. He scored 19 in the semi-finals and matched that in Saturday's Championship game. He also had 24 boards and reached double figures in blocks over the two games. Justin is headed to the University of Toledo.

Darryl Nobles, 6-foot-4 guard ‘07-Detroit Country Day
Nobles key defense paired with a knack for scoring was the backbone of the Country Day Championship. He reached double figure scoring in both games including 14 in the game that counted most. He is one of the best unsigned seniors and rumors have circulated around him going to Bowling Green University.

Demarcus Grady, 6-foot-2 guard '07-East Grand Rapids
Demarcus is Mr. Semi-final as he put up nice numbers in this and last year's game. He scored 23 in the Thursday game against Flint Southwestern Academy and 42 over the two games. This athlete will play football for Northern Illinois.

Matt Schneider, 6-foot guard '07 Bath
Saginaw Nouvel players might still see the nets that Schneider torched in the Class D championship. Fifteen of his twenty points on Saturday were from deep.

Josh Southern, 6-foot-10 power forward '07 Saginaw
Boston College is getting an ever improving big man. He left the Breslin without a point two years ago. This year was a different story as he scored eleven while grabbing eight boards. In the Final he stepped it up even more by pulling down fifteen rebounds and matched that number in the scoring column.

Jordan Duncan 5-foot-11 point guard '07 Cedarville
The UPers hit 11 threes and scored 77 points, Jordan was the spark as he made nine dishes for easy scores. He also scored 10 points with a couple of steals in the Class D championship game.

The Potential:

Jordan Dumars, 6-foot-5 small forward '09-Detroit Country Day
The young son of Joe, doesn't quite stroke it like his dad…yet. But, he's progressing and scored five in the semi-final game. He was shutout in the final game but, then again it's hard to score when you don't shoot.

Mike Green, 6-foot-1 shooting guard '09-Saginaw
Mike only scored once but, this was a good taste of success for the sharp-shooting guard. Saginaw will be good again next year and he might have a chance to vindicate his lack luster performance.

Jared Mysliwiec, 6-foot-1 combo guard '09
Wyoming Tri-Unity Christian-Plays with confidence and experience, as he started on last year's championship game. He scored 22 points over Tri-Unity's two games. He hit four from deep and his contributions were evident in the box score as he provided a little of this and little of that in every category both days.

DeShante Riley, 6-foot-11 center '09-Detroit Country Day
Riley's coming out party, well not completely, or he would have made the top fifteen. On the defensive end he reached double figure blocks and grabbed 12 boards over the two games. He also had some rim rattling dunks. Expect to feel his power again as Country Day is young and is a front-runner for next year's Class B title.

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