PREPS: Top Eight From Motown Showdown

Zac Hueter is a 6-foot-6 plus wide body that was putting in work for the Roadrunners. He's a lefty with good footwork, touch, and he used his body well to find position over thinner defenders.

AUBURN HILLS, MI -- This past weekend's Showdown in Motown at Oakland University allowed a large percentage of Michigan's top rising-seniors and a smaller percentage from Ohio to show their stuff over the three day tournament. While there were many players that stood out here's a look at eight of those players that rose to the top from Michigan and Ohio. We'll start at number one and work or way down.

1. The Mustangs 6-foot-3 shooting guard Stacy Waters was a man on a mission as he lit up the nets from behind the arc over the course of the weekend. In a finals loss, he had a tremendous first half where he hit four threes and had a dunk over two Michigan Select players while on the break. He really opened a lot of spectator's eyes with his play. He's been on the map for quite a while now and might slip into the upper echelon of the NCAA if he keeps playing like this.

2. The Michigan Select's 6-foot-4 wing Josh Eichelberger was extremely efficient over the weekend and his play without a doubt was key to the Select's championship. Eichelberger did a great job on the boards and was quick to put it off the glass when on the offensive end. His teammates set him up wonderfully as by my guess-timation he probably led the tournament in field goal percentage as well lay-ups. The two kind of go hand in hand. He needs to improve his guard skills and the mid-majors will come a running.

3. Zac Hueter is a 6-foot-6+ wide body that was putting in work for the Roadrunners. He's a lefty with good footwork, touch, and he used his body well to find position over thinner defenders. So, that would pretty much be any defender. This was my first time seeing the player from North Branch Michigan and definitely not the last. Mid-majors will be kicking themselves if they don't at least take a peak at the big fella.

4. The Select team has a couple more players on this list and this one is 6-foot-4 wing/guard Blake Cushingberry who was strokin' it from deep. Blake's wide body makes him a tough match up as was taking advantage of smaller defenders in the post. He was playing on his future home court as he has given a verbal commitment to Oakland.

5. The West Michigan Lakers have a special player running their show, 6-foot-1 David Kronbeen was efficient on the offensive and defensive end. He's an efficient guard as I've been thinking of any bad plays that he made and I can't remember one. I do remember without him the Lakers wouldn't have made it to the semi-finals. A definite D2 player that might grow on a couple of D1s before it's all said and done.

6. The 6-foot-6'ish Ian Larkin was a player that I mentioned in a previous article as one to keep your eyes on and he didn't disappoint. Talking with his coach Rod Watts after Saturday night's game he expressed Larkin's confidence by saying, "We needed a bucket and I asked him if he could do it. He said yea and went out and buried the 15-footer. Major league ups (40" vertical) and a nice mid-range game should be a signal for the mid-majors to come a knockin'.

7. Lil' Ma Power brought a forward that I hadn't seen before and I'm glad I did because the 6'8 Cliff Crawford is a defensive menace and tough on the boards. He'll have to find the juco route unless something miraculous happens but, the kid can ball. He should wind up on somebody's D1 roster in two or three years as he works on his offensive game.

8. The Select's 6-foot-7 wing Nick Carreri did a lot of the little things that teams need to win championships and he also did a lot of big things like get the necessary rebound, hit the needed three, or drive around an aggressive defender to get to the basket. He has nice size right know and as he matures that much more he'll make a nice low to mid-major player. But, if he grows another inch or two as he did this past season then he'll only become that much more of an attraction.

Expect another eight tomorrow from the 17u along with a look at the younger groups.

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