AAU WRAP: Shooting the Lights Out

Brad Redford (MI. Mustangs 17u; Frankenmuth) really splashed on the scene last year as his 25' jumpers drew attention nationally.

REDFORD, MI - This AAU season has provided plenty of talent and although young. Here’s a look at a few dead-eye shooters in Michigan (and a couple from beyond) through the season’s first handful of tournaments (in alphabetical order):
Kenny Boynton;08 (Team Breakdown 17u; FL.) is a 6-foot scoring guard that can fill it up when his team is in need.He proved that in a game vs. The King’s of the Court at the King James’ Shooting Stars Tournament where he knocked down six threes including a couple in crunch time to keep his team in it. He’s a high-major player that is gathering quite a following after performances like the one mentioned.
6-foot-7 small forward Nick Carreri ’08 (Michigan Select 17u; Harrison Township L’anse Cruse) is starting to find a more consistent stroke from deep making him the tallest player on this list. He hit three threes in the first half against the Westchester Hawks in a pool play game on the University of Akron's home court a couple of weekend’s ago. Carreri’s game draws questions from mid to low-majors. If, he continues to grow (he added an inch over the high school season) then those questions will turn into offers.
Blake Cushingberry ’08 (Michigan Select 17u; Romeo) is 6-foot-4 with wide shoulders with nice rhythm on his shot . He gets rid of the ball quickly while shooting the ball well in every tournament the Select team has played thus far. His standout performance thus far was in the championship game of the Showdown in Motown vs. the Michigan Mustangs. He has committed to Oakland University.
6-foot-2 guard Darryl Davis ’08 (Michigan Hurricanes 17u; Detroit Finney) is the sleeper in the group as not many now about this sharp-shooter as one analyst said after last weekend’s Bill Hensley Memorial Tournament, “He doesn’t miss.” That may be a stretch but, I’ve seen him knock down four and five threes in a game. He’s on one of the more notable AAU teams in the country and should draw the notice of mid and low-majors as he continues his hot shooting.
6-foot-2 shooting guard D’Angelo Haley ’09 (Detroit Fire 16u; Detroit Central) shoots it with confidence and works to get open when he doesn’t have the ball. His shooting led the Fire to the 16u Championship vs. The Family at the Showdown in Motown. He has also shot the ball well at the Pittsburgh Jam Fest, King James’ Shooting Stars, and most recently the Bill Hensley Memorial Tournament. He’s a mid-major at this point but, that’s at 6-foot-2. Let him reach 6-foot-4 then he’ll compete on any college level.
Alex Marcotullio ’09 (The Family 16u; Warren De LaSalle) is another young shooting guard in Michigan who has been lighting it up. He’s 6-foot-3 and looks like he’ll grow more. The DC Assault showed tremendous respect for his abilities at the Pittsburgh Jam Fest as they threw out a defender to shadow him from the opening tip. He still shot the ball well in that game despite the pressure. He’s usually good for three to four from deep per game. He is definitely one for the Division I players to pay attention to as if he grows to 6’5 or taller then that’s where he’ll play.
6-foot-1 combo guard Jared Myliwiec’09 (Michigan Mustangs 16u; Wyoming Tri-Unity Christian) made his appearance on the national scene last weekend at the Bill Hensley Memorial Tournament in Ft. Wayne, IN. In the Mustangs 16u opening pool play game, he knocked down six three pointers vs. Ferrari. He continued to shoot the ball well through the rest of the pool games and then in the tournament. He plays with a swagger that gives him that extra “mmmfff” to play Division I basketball.
Ryne Smith, Ohio Gators 17u; Toledo Whitmer) of the Ohio Gators 17u is the scary shooter that defenses tried to account for over the weekend. He’s a 6-foot-4 shooting guard who isn’t intimidated by defenses as he bombed shot after shot. He shot the lights out in a somewhat close tournament loss vs. The Family 17u at the Shooting Star’s Tournament. He is receiving attention from these MAC schools: Central Michigan, Akron, and Bowling Green. Michigan State will take another look in Las Vegas and he was recently offered by Fairfield&.
6-foot + Brad Redford (MI. Mustangs 17u; Frankenmuth) really splashed on the scene last year as his 25’ jumpers drew attention nationally. A pool play game at the Showdown in Motown saw the mad-bomber knock down eight from deep. He’s also had stretches this spring of 27 and 22 free-throws in a row. Redford is committed to Xavier University.
Stacy Waters (MI. Mustangs 17u; Detroit Renaissance) is the hottest prospect in Michigan after last month’s run and then at Spiece this past weekend. He has a lanky shot and his high release allow him to shoot over bigger defenders and Waters’ is 6-foot-3. He’s scored 30+ a couple of times this spring and has drawn interest from Cincinnati, Oklahoma, Florida State, Michigan, and more.
Paul Williams(The Family 17u; Detroit Renaissance) is a 6-foot-3 guard that has long been known for his tenacious D but, he’s not shy about filling up the nets from deep. He’s The Family 17u best shooter from deep and he shoots it at a high percentage. He’s being recruited by Florida, Tennessee, Connecticut, Michigan State, and many other high profile schools.
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