Sunday Conversation with: QB Adam Follett

Sunday Conversation is an in-depth series of articles on a player, coach, team or event that affects the Michigan State University sports outlook.

Sunday Conversation is an in-depth series of articles on a player, coach, team or event that affects the Michigan State University sports outlook.

ALMA, MI - Michigan State University continues to express an ongoing interest in quarterback Adam Follett. While he is not rated among the top signal callers in the nation, his stock is rising quickly after some solid camp performances.

Like many of the state's top prospects, he will attend MSU's camp on June 9th in East Lansing. Follett transferred from Caledonia after this past season to Alma and hopes to have a smooth transition with his new team.

GSN spent some time with Follett for our Sunday Conversation series.

GSN: How much interest has Michigan State shown in you?
FOLLETT: "MSU has shown interest in me since my day camp workout with Coach Enos in the 2006 summer. Also, Coach Staten was in contact with me while they were at Cinci. Coach Mannie (MSU strength coach) is a great coach who has helped me. We all know each other pretty well. MSU had me in for the Ohio St football game last fall. This winter Coach Dantonio had me in for the Ohio St basketball game."

GSN: What are they telling you about how you would fit at MSU?
FOLLETT: "Coach Warner, Coach Dantonio, and the whole MSU staff are very big on character guys with integrity & respect. Taking football out of it, that's an area that I feel we are developing a mutual respect. Right now the "fit" is about character and leadership."

GSN: Will you be camping there on June 9th?
FOLLETT: I'll definitely be at MSU one or more days during the summer. I've never done "live" work with Coach Warner. I want to find out when some top WR prospects are in so we can train together. I can't wait!"

GSN: What schools are showing interest in you?
FOLLETT: "Most of the Big Ten, MAC, Colorado, Nebraska, NC St, Virginia, Harvard & Princeton recently, etc. Other schools are talking about tight-end...but I want to play QB.

GSN: Who's in your top five?
FOLLETT: "I am finalizing my top 5 over the next 40 days. MSU is definitely in there."

GSN: How do you feel about MSU with their new staff?
FOLLETT: "I like the emphasis on Character and Integrity as a member of MSU and the Spartan football team. Coach Warner is the QB coach and also my recruiting coordinator so that's great. This spring he let me sit in on his QB meetings. It gave me a good opportunity to see his coaching style & leadership. Coach Mannie is a great intangibe to the future success of this team."

GSN: What are the strong points of your game?
FOLLETT: "I've been lucky to be surrounded by great teammates & coaching. I work hard on leading by example. I love the game... bottom line. Luckily, I have been on a championship football team every year (except 8th grade) since I started playing organized football in 2nd grade. My goal is always to win team championships. What are you looking for in a school? Character, Integrity, Quality of Education, Championship Mentality, Fun, Win."

GSN: What is your timetable to make narrow down your list?
FOLLETT: "40 days."

GSN: What is your timetable to make a commitment?
FOLLETT: "Right now my goal is to prepare myself and my team to win a conference championship and state championship. If I'm lucky enough to commit to my school of choice during that time that would be great!"

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