Crockett Center Mathis Talks Spartans

If Crockett Academy center Donald Mathis, Jr. was to write a wishlist, it would have Michigan State near the top.

DETROIT - If Crockett Academy center Donald Mathis, Jr. was to write a wishlist, it would have Michigan State near the top.

Mathis worked out at Michigan State's camp and then camped at the University of Michigan and Central Michigan and Ball State all to solid reviews.

However, he still awaits his first offer and that has driven him to work even harder. "The Michigan camp went real good for me, I think I caught the attention of a lot of coaches there."

"I went to Michigan State's one-day senior evaluation camp. I didn't do that well in the 40 but every thing else I did real well in, I think I tested out really well."

Why no offers at this point for a three-star center? "They are telling me that they want to see me in my first couple of games, prior to offering. They all say they like me at the camps, but there are no offers just yet."

"I'm just going to be patient and wait, I understand that this is a process, this recruiting thing," said Mathis.

In the meantime, he's taking out his frustration on the practice field. Mathis routine has him working out nearly every day with his teammates, either alone or with supervision in an attempt to get better.

The Crockett star reports his workouts have brought some good results.

"I've been working hard, I'm working on my lower body trying to get stronger, that and my upper body, just overall trying to get stronger. I'm losing weight, I'm down to about 295-pounds," said Mathis.

The star revealed if he could pick any three schools to attend they are in no particular order:

PURDUE: "They're academics are strong, they have the major that I want (Athletic Training/Physical Therapy). I like the program. I like the way their coach runs the program and they treat you good up there.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN: "People are telling me that they have one of the top athletic training program in the country. They were among the first schools to have it and then the other schools start picking up on it."

MICHIGAN STATE: "They have a program like that as well."

Mathis indicated his is very interested in a career after football in Athletic Training.


"I take that at my Vocational Center, it's a class that I take and enjoy," Mathis explained.

"Last year, they let us go into the workplace and do volunteer work and I enjoyed the experience of being involved with Physical Therapy."

GSN will continue to follow this intelligent and talented young player to see if he Michigan State makes his wish come true.

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