Did Mark Ingram Commit to State?

The rumor mill has been running rampant that Flint Southwestern star Mark Ingram had committed to Michigan State, but GSN went right to the source and Ingram let us know the inside story

FLINT, MI - Flint Southwestern's Mark Ingram was emphatic about clearing up the rumor that he has committed to Michigan State.

Well, did he?

"No sir," said Ingram, who said he was unaware of the rumor until GSN brought it to his attention.

Instead, Ingram said his top schools consist of "Michigan State, Washington, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Florida."

Ingram said he had not heard the rumor until just now and that he was happy to have GSN clear it up for him. However, Ingram admitted that he has a bit of a background with MSU and he likes that.

"I'm real familiar with the school and my parents know the education they have to offer. The both had a good education and that's one of my main things is the academic side of it.

My family went there and they can tell me stuff about how it will be if I go up there and it's real close to home, so I'm always up there for games and stuff. I'm up there a lot which kind of gives them an edge, but that's about it really. Both my parents went to the games so I've been going up there since I was little," laughed Ingram.

Ingram's father, Mark Ingram, Sr. was a standout wide receiver for Michigan State and had a solid NFL career with teams like the New York Giants.

The fact that he's very familiar with the University "helps a lot more than it hurts," said Ingram.

He said he believes his Flint Southwestern squad will be a contender for the State Championship "if everything clicks, we have the talent to do it," he said.

Ingram said don't look for him to make a commitment anywhere until the end of the season after he has taken all of his official visits.

"I might be taking unofficials to Washington on the 4th and Iowa on the 18th and then I'll start making arrangement for my official visits."

Ingram said he's enjoyed meeting the new coaching staff.

"What impressed me was, first of all, the old coaching staff has been recruiting me since I was young, but when the new staff came in, I didn't think they were going to talk to me that much. But they came to my school and introduced themselves and they've talked to me like every day. Everytime I go up there they treat me and my family so well. It makes my parents like them more, it makes me like them more and I just feel comfortable there," he said.

"They introduced me to Javon Ringer, their running back we keep in touch, their first commit Charles Burrell, we keep in touch, I have connections there. I have a comfort level with them right now that gives them an advantage over other schools, but its not major or anything, it just gives them a little advantage."

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