Caulton Ray Ready To Pull Trigger?

Brother Rice senior says he wants parents to go along on visit before making his verbal commitment

BIRMINGHAM, MI - Michigan State appears on the verge of yet another commitment for the 2007 year. Birmingham Brother Rice running back Caulton Ray seems to be ready to pull the trigger in favor of the Spartans.

In fact, Ray nearly pulled the trigger last week but other obligations kept him from joining the fold.

"I was planning on it, but I didn't go up there. I'm planning on it unless something changes. I'm not absolutely sure, but I'm thinking (strongly) about it."

"I'm going to try to go up there next week, they're actually on the top. "I want to let my parent see the academic side of (the University) and let them get a feel for it and then we're going to talk about it from there."

Ray said his parent want to look at the school's academic programs, the graduation rates for scholarship athletes and make sure that MSU is the right place for their son, but Ray said, he just wants to make sure his mother is comfortable with him going to East Lansing.

"She wants to talk to the coaches and meet a couple of the professors."

Ray said he's never visited his "distant second" school, Cincinnati and neither have his parents.

"I had told some people I was going to commit. When I go up there I'm really thinking about it and letting my parent see it and see how they feel about it."

Ray said, what's really important is that his mother is fully behind his decision.

"I want an agreement between me and my mom. She's going to let me do what I want to do about school regardless (of her feelings) but I want her to be comfortable with it too."

The two-star running back says after he get his commitment out of the way he plans to focus on the season.

Brother Rice should field a strong team as Ray says three other Eagles are getting scholarship offers from Division IA programs including Paul Giamatti, a linebacker; Ronnie Austin (Air Force, Army, Eastern Michigan) a second-year starting receiver; Dee Thomas, a speedy corner(Harvard, Princeton) and some returning linemen.

GSN will be watching and waiting to see if indeed, Ray pulls the trigger for MSU next week.

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