AUDIO: Mike Gyetvai Returns

"It feels great. I'm a little rusty, obviously, I haven't played in close to a year, but it felt great being back out there," Mike Gyetvai said after his return against Notre Dame. "No one points fingers, no one complains. I made mistakes out there and all the guys said was 'Who cares? Next play, Mike, get it!'"

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Mike Gyetvai's return from rehabbing his off-season shoulder surgery went well. The Spartans continued to rack up yards on the ground and Gyetvai played a big role. Gyetvai demonstrated good range and movement in a number of blocking schemes, from pulling through an inside trap as a lead blocker, to, along with the rest of the O-line, limiting the Irish to one sack on the day.

GSN caught up with Gyetvai after the Notre Dame game to find out more about his return.

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