AUDIO: Jones After First Start

"First start, I wanted to impact the coaches, let the coaches know they can count on me," said Greg Jones after the Northwestern game. "I had a key missed tackle that led ultimately to overtime. I feel like me making that tackle, it probably never would have came to overtime."

"From the D-line to the linebackers all the way up to the DBs, you got to make tackles. I mean, if you don't make tackles, you don't win" – Greg Jones

EAST LANSING – Greg Jones, in his first start at Michigan State as a linebacker, was excited at the beginning of the game against Northwestern. Three and a half hours later, his emotions did a u-turn. Dejected after the Spartan's loss to the Wildcats, Jones, like many of his teammates and coaches, took personal responsibility for the loss.

But the youngster's career is in its infancy and better days are ahead. Listen as Jones tells GSN about the Green & White's struggle with missed tackles, including one by himself late in the game on a screen, the frustration of facing an efficient spread offense and much more.

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