Ringer Stings Indiana

"None of us are satisfied, none of us are complacement," Javon Ringer said after the win against Indiana. "We're happy and we're thankful for the win, but we still know we have a lot more to accomplish."

EAST LANSING – Against Indiana, Javon Ringer continued to make a case for being the best running back in the Big Ten.

After another stellar game, galloping for 203 yards and two touchdowns, highlighted by a 64-yarder to put Michigan State up 24-10 early in the second quarter, the junior certainly has a claim to being the most talented.

"(Ringer) is amazing," quarterback Brian Hoyer said after the Indiana game. "He's a once in a lifetime player that you get to play around because not only is he a great athlete, but he's a great person."

Later, as if on cue, Ringer graciously acknowledged his teammates after his performance against Indiana.

"Everything I did out there really has to go to my offensive line and the receivers blocking downfield," he said. "They kind of made my job easy."

Because of the high level of play by his offensive line, Ringer said he felt like he was getting stronger as the game progressed.

"Even though it was cold, I felt like I was (getting stronger.) The longer the game went on, the more fired up the offensive line got and the easier my job got."

Despite the highlight reel day for the offense, however, Ringer said he expects more attention to detail

"I'm happy with our performance, but we still have some things to correct," he said, going on to state his displeasure with the 6 penalties the Spartans drew Saturday.

Although one could hardly tell by his performance against the Hoosiers, Ringer also said he expects more from himself.

"I feel like there's a lot more I need to do. There's still a lot of things I need to work on I am going to continue to work on that in practice and in the offseason."

In the end, though, Ringer is unconcerned with individual performances.

"My main goal is to get the W. Stats aren't really a big concern of mine. As long as we're winning, stats will probably take care of themselves."

So after an important win, a win that stopped a potentially season-wrecking losing streak and put the Spartan's within one victory of bowl eligibility, will Ringer and his teammates take time to celebrate?

"This win means a lot," he said. "But tomorrow morning it's going to be over."

And that's a good thing as Michigan State's schedule ratchets up a notch. Next week they will travel to Columbus to face an undefeated, and in all likelihood number one ranked, Ohio State squad.

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