AUDIO: Nwagbuo Big Man in Middle

"They're the number one team in the country, you can't get no better than that," O.G. says of the Buckeyes. "They're real big. Some of those guys are experienced, some are new, so we just have to get after them."

EAST LANSING – Before the season, Ogembi Nwagbuo, better known as O.G., says he saw a magazine that ranked the Michigan State defensive line as one of the worst in the Big Ten. That served as motivation for him and the rest of the line and they have played above expectations. Now the defense will face their biggest test against an impressive Ohio State offense that has consistently dominated their opponents.

GSN caught up with O.G. at the Spartans' weekly press conference where he spoke about how LB Kaleb Thornhill motivated the D-line early on, the injury to his hand that has caused him to wear a bandage that could double as a club, playing the number one team in the nation this Saturday and much more.

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