Keeping Options Open

Detroit Catholic Central's Mike Martin has committed to Michigan. But with the Wolverines transitioning to a new head coach, would the standout defensive lineman consider other (green and white) suitors?

Mike Martin remains firmly committed to Michigan, but the Detroit Catholic Central nose tackle knows a back-up plan is a good thing to have.

That's why he's still in contact with other schools like Michigan State, although he did tell Spartan running backs coach Dan Enos and head coach Mark Dantonio he wants to wait until Michigan hires a new head coach before he would potentially visit them.

"I told (Michigan State) that I wanted to see what head coach would be stepping in to Michigan before I visited anywhere," Martin said. "I want to see who they hire first and then I'm going to talk to the head coach and go from there."

And if there is any doubt about the Wolverines after that meeting, Martin says he'll give Dantonio and the Spartans a call.

"I told the (Michigan State) coaches I would be in contact with them if I wanted to make a visit out there, because right now everything's just up in the air with the (Michigan) head coach, so, just got to wait and see."

What did he think of Michigan State's season in Dantonio's inaugural year as head coach?

"They had a tough loss against Wisconsin . . . a tough game, of course, against Michigan," Martin said. "They had a bunch of tough losses, but coach Dantonio, he has that program going and he's doing a really good job there. I was impressed to see what he did this year."

When he's not thinking about his future, the interior defensive line prospect concentrates on defending the state championship he won as a wrestler earlier this year. What skills does he take from wrestling and apply to football?

"Number one is hand quickness and foot-speed, because when you're out there on that mat you have to constantly keep moving. If you take just a second of a break, then that guy's going to put you on your back and pin you," Martin says.

"So, the hand quickness, of course, with being a D-lineman, you have to be really quick with your hands coming off the ball so you can get a good pass rush and control your gaps."

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