CHAMPS BOWL: Post Practice Transcripts

"This is a Thursday practice for us (in terms of the normal practice week), I'm not sure what day it is, but this is a Thursday practice. We're getting ready and I think the focus is there. "

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ORLANDO, FL - The following are coach Mark Dantonio's post game remarks.
On Wednesday's practice:

"This is a Thursday practice for us (in terms of the normal practice week), I'm not sure what day it is, but this is a Thursday practice. We're getting ready and I think the focus is there. It's not like practicing against your teammates, so there will be some catch-up on the field on Friday to adjust to the speed of the game, but we'll be ready, we'll be focused."

On junior wide receiver Devin Thomas:
"I think coming out of spring practice we felt good that he was an athlete, but he was really a guy that at summer camp, he started showing signs of playing very well. As the season started and the more opportunities he got, the bigger plays he seemed to make. He's an outstanding player for us."

On Thomas returning punts against Boston College:
"He'll return punts this game. It's another opportunity to get the ball in his hands."

On whether he considered Thomas to return punts during the regular season:
"We did (consider it). Terry (Love) caught the ball very well back there, but we tried to get as many people involved as we can. Devin was being used on kickoff returns and a lot of other different things, so we tried to limit him a little bit, but he'll have some opportunities out there (against Boston College)."

On the three fullbacks:
"Devin (Pritchett), Jeff (McPherson) and (Andrew) Hawken, all three of those guys have been like starters for us at the fullback position. They're in and out of the game depending on the personnel (that's in the game). All three of them have done a great job for us. They're primary blocking guys for us. They've all done a good job on special teams. Every one of them has made a play. McPherson had a touchdown in the Penn State game. You've also seen Pritchett and Hawken do some things as well."

On the absence of senior defensive end Jonal Saint-Dic:
"I think everyone needs to push a little harder. We're going to do some things personnel-wise to try and counteract that. This is a game of inches, and we've always said that. It's a game of handling adversity. We just have to handle the situation and move forward – it won't be the difference of winning or losing the game. So we have to take that into consideration. I feel sorry for him and for the others as well, but at the same time, we have to press on."

On junior defensive end Brandon Long:
"Brandon Long came into fall camp as the starting defensive end, at the left end position. He's been in a lot, and he's ready to go."

On senior tight end Kellen Davis playing defensive end:
"Kellen's a guy that's worked in there a little bit. We'll use him maybe a little more, (possibly) Michael Jordan as well, so we've got players there. They just have to pick up the slack and press everybody a little bit harder. It gives an opportunity for others and they get to showcase their skills a little bit, so somebody is going to rise to the occasion."

On facing the Boston College defense:
"They average giving up about 68 yards a game (on the ground). We're going to find out if we're average or not. It's another great challenge for our offense and our offensive line. What we've been able to do this season is stay balanced. We need to be a balanced team offensively. We will be who we are, and certainly we need to make big plays as well."

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