Spartans Can't Overcome Errors

"You feel even worse, because I wish there were things I could have done differently." - Brian Hoyer explaining how he feels after the loss to Boston College

ORLANDO, Fla. - One quarterback just flat outplayed another.

That was the long and short of it at the Champs Sports Bowl, where Brian Hoyer struggled in Michigan State's final game of the season while Matt Ryan led Boston College to a 24-21 victory.

Hoyer threw four interceptions and fumbled a snap while connecting on less than 50 percent of his pases. He finished the day hitting 14 of 36 for 131 yards and two touchdowns.

"Obviously I'm dissapointed in myself," Hoyer said after the game. But the errors came out of effort, not a lack of preperation he said. "Some of them, I'm trying to make a play out there."

BC's scheme never surprised him, Hoyer expained. "We had enough time to prepare . . . it was nothing that confused me."

The day started well enough for the junior signal caller as he hit tight end Kellen Davis for an 18 yard touchdown strike on the Spartan's first posession. "I don't know if you could start out better," Hoyer said.

However, the BC defense, specifically free safety Jamie Silva, who nicked two interceptions, was too much for Hoyer.

"I tried to force one or two here and there," he said. He explained how a ball intended for Davis was masterfully snatched by Silva. "I couldn't believe (Silva) made that one interception . . . on their sideline, that was a great play."

Hoyer won't let a disapointing loss get him down.

"This whole year was a great learning experience," he said, taking some consolation from the season. He said the Spartans fought through adversity all year, something the coaching staff insisted on from the start. And there's always next year.

"You look at he guys coming back and we have talent," Hoyer said. "I think this (season) springboards us for next year.

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