Weekend Visit to MSU Impresses McCord

Landing a top-tier lineman like Aaron McCord from Detroit Crockett would go a long way toward solidifying Mark Dantonio and staff as formidable recruiters in southeast Michigan. Read on to find out what McCord heard from the Spartan head coach and thought about his first visit to Spartanland.

Last weekend, Aaron McCord came to Michigan State for a Junior Day visit not knowing what to expect.

"It was first time to Michigan State, actually, so I enjoyed it. It was real exciting for me," he said, adding an anecdote. "Being up there for the first time, I didn't know Michigan State was that big — I got up there and it was huge. I actually almost got lost. I had to call Coach and say, ‘Coach, where do I go'."

McCord, an offensive and defensive line prospect from Detroit Crockett, got a chance to see everything related to the gridiron at MSU, from player meeting rooms and study areas to Spartan Stadium and the new construction at the Duffy Daugherty Football Building.

Do facilities have any bearing on a recruit's desire to attend a certain university? "Oh yeah, oh yeah, of course," McCord says.

And if it comes down to facilities, the Spartans appear to be a strong contender. "I loved the facilities and everything is up to date . . . they'll be building onto the weight room, and the weight room is pretty big already," he said.

In addition to head coach Mark Dantonio, McCord also met with D-line coach Ted Gill and O-line coach Dan Roushar.

"I met with both of them because they told me they were recruiting me for both the defense (and) offensive line. . . . They were asking me what I prefer and I said defensive line."

As for his impressions of Dantonio, McCord first had some friendly advice: "He needs to get his knee better. He messed up his knee, he had surgery on his knee and he was walking around on crutches all day — I was making fun of him."

In addition to a sense of humor, McCord also saw a genuine person. "He's a great guy —a great personality. I like him, he's cool."

But this is only the beginning of any kind of relationship, McCord adds. "Obviously, I need to get to know the coaching staff more, but just being up there that first day, (I think) they're a great coaching staff that knows what their talking about."

The low-pressure, feeling-out style of recruiting is appreciated by McCord as well. "It's good that they want to get to know the players, because they need that relationship with players . . . to know who they're bringing into their school."

In the next few months, McCord plans on studying more programs and checking out the camps of schools showing interest, such as Michigan, Ohio State, Cincinnati and Ball State, among others.

And when he's not focusing on football, McCord relaxes with friends. "I go out with friends to movies, out to eat, or when I'm at home — playing Madden."

On the digital gridiron his mind is all about winning as well; he makes sure to play with champions.

"I like to play with the Patriots or the Colts," he said.

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