Maxwell Newest Member of Spartan Family

Michigan State is keeping their early recruiting freight train going, landing a verbal commitment from perhaps the best quarterback prospect in the state of Michigan for 2009.

The momentum just keeps building. Andrew Maxwell, widely regarded as one of the top high school quarterbacks in the state of Michigan, became commit number four in an impressive start to the Green and White's 2009 recruiting class.

"I'm extremely excited, extremely happy," Maxwell says. "Michigan State has something great going and I think coach (Mark) Dantonio has the program going in the right direction and I'm extremely excited to be a part of it. They have some great recruits committed already and I just want to be a part of it."

For months, an oxymoronic rumor that Maxwell was a "silent verbal" had spread in recruiting circles.

"I read that online, it said 'silent verbal,' and I didn't know if that meant like smoke signals or Morse code," he said. "I didn't really know what it meant, so that was just a rumor."

Regardless of prior speculation, Maxwell says he's happy to be a committed Spartan and thanks the Michigan State coaches for their courtesy.

"Throughout the whole time we've been going through (the recruiting) process, the whole staff has treated myself and my family with tremendous kindness and respect, and that's very important to me," he says.

The Spartan head coach has made a particularly strong impression on the young man.

"Mark Dantonio — if you don't get jazzed up playing for a guy like him, then there's something wrong with you," Maxwell says. "The guy, he is straightforward, he's a straight-shooter, he has everyone's best interests in mind. He's all about relationships, he's all about discipline. He has all his ducks in a row and I think that's the job of a football coach and I think he is a great man who is going to lead Michigan State to great things."

Maxwell is excited about the new construction at the Duffy Daugherty Football Building and loves the campus, too.

"My grandpa and grandma, they are alumni, and so they've had season tickets for years, so I would come up here when I was little and I've been up here numerous, numerous times," he said. "It's a great campus and a great college town with great fans. I've grown up with green and white in my veins."

On the field, Maxwell takes pride in having a strong arm and good vision.

"I can make a lot of throws all over the field, so no matter what situation we're in, I feel I can make the throw that needs to be made," he says.

While it would not be accurate to characterize Maxwell as a dual-threat QB, he says his footwork is plenty strong for Michigan State's pro-style offense.

"I feel like I'm mobile enough to make time and make plays," he says, adding, "I think I'm durable and I don't get banged up very easily. I think it's important I'm on the field and my teammates can count on me to be ready to play every week."

Maxwell also understands the more cerebral elements of the position he plays.

"I think the most important thing is game management and realizing that when something bad happens, you have to move on, and when something good happens you have to move on," he says. "Never get too high or too low, because, if you do, you're going to be focusing on something that already happened and you're not going to make the next play that needs to be made."

One of the models Maxwell has studied for such attributes is a former Spartan.

"I really admired Drew Stanton — his toughness, his leadership. He was a great player for State," he said.

When he enrolls for classes, does he have a major already in mind?

"I'm really not sure, I want to keep my options open," he says. "I have interests in a lot of areas, so I don't want to narrow it down and close my mind because I might miss some opportunities or something I never even thought of, so I'm not really sure. Maybe something in the business field, in that general area."

Maxwell says family and friends are important and in his spare time he listens to music and has recently picked up a new hobby. "I'm actually trying to teach myself to play guitar," he says.

On the gridiron, the bottom line for Maxwell is poise, leadership and effort, and he sees himself as someone who can deliver those qualities.

"Just being somebody that your teammates can count on and rely on and know that you're going to put yourself on the line every week for them," he says. "If they believe in you, then they're going to give their all."

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