Caper Gives MSU Soft Verbal

The star in-state running back from Battle Creek Central told GSN only one thing was holding back an official announcement for the Green and White. Read on to find out what it is and when things could be official.

Two's company. That's what Larry Caper must think when he considers the prospect of himself and another superb running back committing to Michigan State for 2009.

Caper told GSN he will be joining fellow in-state stud RB Edwin Baker (Oak Park) and don the Green and White for his collegiate career. So when will the Battle Creek Central star make his verbal commitment official?

"Sooner rather than later," he said. "At first, I really wanted to go through the whole recruiting process, but it just felt like Michigan State is the place for me to be, so it would be pointless for me to keep going through the recruiting process if I know where I'm going.

"I told that to (head) coach (Mark) Dantonio on Sunday when I went to the Indiana game, and I talked to (tight ends) coach (Mark) Staten recently," Caper continued. He said finding time to get both of his parents (they're divorced) together with him is the only thing holding back an official announcement. "On Sunday I told (the Michigan State coaches) probably Saturday, but I have to get a good time for my mom and dad . . . to get both of them to come up there."

One of the factors in his decision has been the recent recruiting waves Michigan State has made. In addition to Baker, the Spartans have secured verbals from three other highly touted in-staters: linebacker Chris Norman, quarterback Andrew Maxwell and wide receiver Donald Spencer.

"(Michigan State is) the team to watch out for," Caper said. "When you bring a group of great athletes together on one field, you can do amazing things. You can take average athletes and bring them together and make a heck of a team. But if you bring all of us together, we should be pretty good."

Caper, who embraces competition, said he wasn't fazed one bit by the Baker commitment.

"People thought his decision would influence my decision of not going there, but it's not that big of a deal to me," he said. "We'll be all right."

He continued: "It would be pointless to go to a college where you go in being the big dog and you have nobody behind you, pushing you. . . .There's plenty of carries to go around. Michigan State's offense ran the ball more than 500 times. No running back could take all of that, so there's enough carries to go around."

With such an early decision, Caper says he's aware teams will continue to recruit him in the coming months.

"I thought about that," he said. "I sat down and talked to my mom and my dad. They just said that, 'If you still are unsure about committing, then don't commit, because if you commit, then you have to give your pledge and promise to that university.' I think I'm alright."

What is he looking forward to most about coming to Michigan State?

"I'm looking forward to the first game," he said. "The crowd, the atmosphere — just the day of the game."

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