InDepth and UpClose with Delvon Roe

Next season, MSU will experience an influx of talent as they welcome Delvon Roe, among other heralded recruits. Click through to find out when he'll be on campus, what he thinks of Kalin Lucas, how his injury is progressing and much more . . .

Following Michigan State's Friday night Sweet Sixteen loss to Memphis, most of the Spartans got a text message from 2008 Michigan State signee Delvon Roe.

"I just basically said tough loss tonight but great season. We're going come back next year better then ever and we're going to try to do some big things up at Michigan State these next couple years."

The 6-foot-8 power forward watched every tournament game and while he was happy about MSU's tournament run, he says future Spartan teams can't be satisfied with that outcome year-in and year-out.

"I think whenever you win two tournament games you did pretty good, but compared to the standards of an elite program like Michigan State, it's not enough. Every year you want to reach the Final Four, that's every team's goal. I think it's a step in the right direction. I think we know what we need to work on, and what we need to do to get better."

Roe plans to get on campus by June 12 to begin working with his new teammates in hopes of bringing consistency to the Spartans next season.

"I think we were inconsistent this season," he says, "you never knew what to expect night-in and night-out. But we'll work on it in practice, keep trying to get better, and listen to the coaching staff. We should be fine."

And fine is exactly what Roe wants Spartan fans to know he will be following micro fracture surgery on his knee that caused him to miss all but one game in his senior season.

"I've just been doing things that the doc, the coaching staff, and people who know what their talking about say and not try to do things my way. It's a process that needs to be taken, and this is a step in the right direction," he says, adding that he expects to make a full recovery.

"Everything has happened the way they thought it should happen and even better. They think there is no reason why I shouldn't come back 100%. I have had no problems or complications.

"I am able to run again now with no pain. I'm going to start back jumping in May and I should be playing, running up and down, and full speed cutting and going to the basket in June by the time I come up there (East Lansing). The main goal is not to have me 100% by June; it is to have me 100% by September or October when we start practicing and going at it real hard."

While having to miss out on his senior season and a potential state championship wasn't an ideal situation for the St. Edward's (Ohio) star, Roe says the injury has been an opportunity to improve on the weaknesses in his game.

"I've been working on free throws, my off-hand (right hand), and a lot of dribbling to make sure those things aren't noticeable weakness once I get to college. I've had a great opportunity to do things I wouldn't have been able to do if I were playing, like put more time into lifting, and doing more work on my weaknesses.

"I think my jump shot has come along extremely well over the last couple of months but it's a whole different story when someone's hand is in your face."

That work will go a long way toward bolstering the Michigan State front court, a place Roe expects to have a big role in next year. And he looks forward to getting the opportunity to play with budding star Kalin Lucas.

"I think I'll have a big role to go out there, give 100% effort, play hard every time and be a sparkplug," he says. "It's great to play with great players, especially when it's your point guard. I think we also have great wing players and great post players and it's just finding that consistency to do it night-in and night-out.

"I think we will have it next year with another year of experience on those guys' belts and hopefully Korie (Lucious), Draymond (Green) and I can come up there and make a big impact."

Although he expects to make a big impact in the 2008-09 season he says he isn't coming to East Lansing with his own NBA agenda or even thoughts of starting.

"I really don't think about starting. If coach wants me to go out there and play five minutes a game, and that's what's best for the team, that's what I will do. If he wants me in that starting role, I will welcome that with open arms and try to do my best to make him proud and do whatever has to be done for the team.

"Michigan State basketball is bigger then me and bigger then any one player on the team. Basically you have to put your own personal goals aside and just do what's best for the team and what coach wants you to do."

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