Conrad Gets a Feel for Spartan Family

With only a few (perhaps three) offensive line scholarships to dole out, Michigan State can afford to be choosy. One young man they have their eye closely on is Detroit Pershing's Tevon Conrad. Click through to find out where he stands with the Spartans, which other Big Ten programs are after him and more . . .

"You go up there and coaches talk to you — you know sometimes how most coaches tell you what you want to hear? State tell you how it is.

"When I went up there, they said, ‘If you want to play for us, you'll have to put in some work.' You know, at other colleges they'd be like, ‘Oh yeah, you can come play right now'.

"Naw, State says you have to get in way better shape, a whole lot stronger, and you have to get meaner and tougher."

Conrad says that tough love mentality is exactly what he's looking for in a football program. "That's what makes me work," he notes.

Training and lifting weights are important to Conrad and he sticks close to the Pershing trainer, who graduated from MSU. Conrad also got a taste of the Ken Mannie treatment on a visit to MSU. He vividly remembers the first time he met Mannie, the Spartan strength and conditioning coach who's known for intense enthusiasm and brutal honesty.

"Oh, he's crazy, crazy," Conrad says. "When we first met he slapped me on the chest and said, ‘What's your height, what's your weight'. I said 6-8, 305 and he slapped me on the chest and said, "We have a lot to work with'."

Conrad has also spoken with head coach Mark Dantonio.

"We talked and he said, ‘Do you want to come here?', I'm like yes, and he said okay, you can put in your work, put in your time, and you know they like what they saw on film, so they said get in better shape get stronger and most likely you will be here one day."

Playing basketball is one way Conrad keeps active. He helped Pershing reach the state finals last season and currently balls with the Detroit Fire, a talented AAU squad.

Spartan coaches have told Conrad they'll need to see and evaluate him in a summer camp before extending an offer. Conrad will be at the first MSU camp he can get to and is anxious to show his stuff.

"Anyone can look good on film," he says. "They want to see me in person."

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