14 Offers: One More Today?

College programs covet WR Bryce McNeal's football skills, to the tune of 14 offers. Who will be at his high school in Minneapolis today, possibly with number 15 in hand? Click through to find out . . .

Bryce McNeal will learn a whole lot more about the Spartans by the end of the school day.

"Michigan State is actually coming to my school tomorrow," McNeal told GSN late last night.

As far as MSU goes, McNeal has yet to form a concrete impression.

"My dad has talked to coaches, my coach has talked to them, but I just have seen mail," he said.

McNeal has a good idea of what he's looking for in a college program. First, he says, is a place he can feel comfortable with for four or five years.

Next, academics and earning a degree take precedent. The coaching staff and football program are also important, he says.

McNeal notes his burst off the line of scrimmage as an area he excels in, along with strict route running and soft hands.

He also uses track as a way to remain in tip-top shape. He participates in the 400 meter dash, the long jump and the 4X100. He runs a 4.45 in the 40-yard dash.

McNeal points to his slim frame as a negative, but emphasizes how much that can change with weight room dedication. He stands at 6-foot-2 and weighs 175-pounds.

But that build hasn't scared many colleges: Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado and Clemson are a few of the many (14 in all) that have offered McNeal.

Could MSU be next?

"Hopefully," McNeal says. "Right now I'm trying to narrow it down to a top-five," he says, adding everyone has a shot.

As for a decision time frame, McNeal says by the time fall rolls around, he should be ready for a commitment.

Stay tuned to GSN for updates on McNeal after his in-school visit with MSU staff.

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