King O-lineman Drawing Big Ten Interest

Michigan State has its eye on a number of Detroit King prospects, one of which is offensive tackle Antonio Martin. Click through to find out who else is after him and what his plans are for the summer …

Antonio Martin is one of nearly a half-dozen prospects at Detroit King attracting the attention of college programs like Michigan State.

The 6-foot-6, 290-pound offensive tackle prospect says he's hearing from the likes of MSU, Iowa and Illinois. He plans on making it to some summer camps, namely Michigan State's in July.

The Spartans have made recruiting inroads in southeast Michigan lately, and Martin says when it comes to recruits thinking about MSU or Michigan, there is no dominant program.

"Not really, it just depends on the athlete," he says.

Lifting weights and keeping in shape is vital to Martin.

"I'm in the weight room after school — seventh hour," he says of his daily routine. "I also jog after school on the track a couple of times. … I just like to jog and I jog a lot.

Martin reports a bench press of 315-pounds and says working with teammates throughout the offseason is important.

"We stay real close," he says, mostly through weight training.

They'll meet back on the gridiron this fall and their first game of the season is a big one: against Muskegon at Eastern Michigan's stadium.

""We're just taking it like another game," he says

And, by the end of the season, Martin hopes to repeat the success King had last year as the first Detroit PSL school to win a state championship

"We're just looking forward to trying to do it again," he says.

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