Should MSU Take A Second Chance on Nichol?

Would MSU fans forgive Nichol and embrace him back into the fold after there was so much hard feeling expressed after his de-commitment and subsequent commitment to Oklahoma?

Everyone knew that Keith Nichol was going to be a Spartan. He was arguably the most heralded incoming commit of the John L. Smith era.

Nichol's Lowell Arrows ran the same spread offense that John L. Smith was attempting to run - without much success - in the Big Ten and seemed to be a perfect fit to run the scheme at the next level.

But after a dismal campaign that capped a dismal tenure, MSU elected to terminate Smith and move in a different direction. With that move, Nichol elected to 'look around' and that in turn, culminated with him de-committing from Michigan State and verballing, instead to Oklahoma.

The move backfired.

Nichol found himself mired behind the super talented freshman Sam Bradford who led the nation in passing. Making matters worse, JUCO transfer Joey Halzle, appeared to move ahead of Nichol in the OU coaching staff's eyes. Sealing the deal was Oklahoma's getting a commitment from Landry Jones, a four-star quarterback prospect.

Saturday, it all culminated in Nichol's decision to transfer from Oklahoma.

"I don't regret going to OU at all," Nichol told the Huge Show's Bill Simonson. I grew up a Michigan State fan and it was the hardest decision I ever had to make switching from there."

Now, with three seasons of eligibility left, he can't afford to make another mistake, and has a critical choice to make - which college he'll choose the second time around.

Will he re-choose Michigan State after failing to give head coach Mark Dantonio the meeting he requested before committing to Oklahoma?

Is MSU still interested in a quarterback with a strong arm, but who's skillset seems more a fit for Michigan's spread offense than a pro style offense?

Would MSU fans forgive Nichol and embrace him back into the fold after there was so much hard feeling expressed after his de-commitment?

Nichol would fit into the 2008 class, which did not take a quarterback after not finding a good enough fit.

He would set up solid competition with redshirt freshman Nick Foles for the starting position when senior Brian Hoyer graduates.

Nichol has expressed that he doesn't not expect to be guaranteed anything and that he isn't afraid of competition, but its clear that he's wants playing time, being willing to even consider heading to Ann Arbor in an attempt to run Rich Rodriguez's spread option.

Whether he comes to MSU or heads to Ann Arbor - the current two favorites for his services, one thing's clear, Keith Nichol is back in the play and on the tongues of MSU football fans once again. Talk about this hot topic in the "MSU Sports Talk for MSU Fans" message board.

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