Alex Gauna Turns Heads In Lansing

Tom Izzo and the Michigan State staff have their eyes on a little school just south of East Lansing. Alex Gauna, the Eaton Rapids and Michigan Mustangs 6-foot-9 power forward, is attracting lots of attention to his small town. GSN caught up with him over the weekend to get the latest on his game and recruitment.

LANSING -- For Alex Gauna, recruiting has been a little like follow the leader.

The 6-foot-9 Eaton Rapids product started getting attention from Tom Izzo and the Michigan State coaching staff, then others took notice.

"They've been looking at me for awhile," Gauna said of the Spartans. "They've invited me to go up to their games and stuff like that, and I try to attend them as much as possible. Then that's when Michigan started calling, too, and doing the same thing."

Gauna describes his recruitment between the two schools as even overall, although "Michigan's been after me hard lately," he said. "But Michigan State, they know me. I'm a local kid, so they'll be good."

On Michigan State, the power forward continued: "I like the program, it's close, it's home to me. I like the coaches and the program's good — hopefully they can keep building some more players."

Ed Gauna, Alex's father, told GSN over the weekend that Alex has been a lifelong Spartan fan.

"He's getting a lot of attention," Ed said. "He's probably received 18 or 19 division one letters."

Ed says his son is getting progressively better, and he has the AAU to thank for that.

"Basically what you've got is the best high school players … on the AAU teams. The competition level is quite a bit more aggressive than what he's used to and it's elevated his game," he said.

Alex does have a preliminary list of schools he's interested in the most.

"I like Michigan State, I like Ohio State, and I like North Carolina, too," he said.

At the Michigan Mustangs tournament in Lansing over the weekend, Gauna, who plays for the Mustangs, dropped 15 points in a blowout win over Flint Affliliated. Gauna dominated in the post, throwing down dunks, swatting shots and hauling in rebounds. He even displayed some range by stepping out and hitting a three pointer.

Showing versatility in his game is important to him, and Gauna uses his playing time in the AAU wisely.

"I try to mix it up a little bit, my in and out game," he said. "I can hit fifteen-footers, even thirties if I want, but I just try to be an all around player so that way I can just keep my options open."

For Gauna, those options will be multiplying in the coming years.

Stay tuned to GSN for more on Gauna and other prospects for the class of 2010.

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