LB Chris Norman Recruiting Hard For State

Norman is solidly down with Michigan State and even better, is putting the full court press on several players to join the Spartans.

EAST LANSING - Michigan State couldn't have picked a better player to headline its 2009 class than Detroit Rennaissance linebacker Chris Norman.

Norman is solidly down with Michigan State and even better, is putting the full court press on several players to join the Spartans. Norman has played against a lot of solid talent in the state of Michigan and is not only recruiting players, but becoming an advocate for the players with the MSU coaching staff.

"I went up there and recruited a little bit. I was recruiting guys like Shamari Benton (Brother Rice), Ali Alaboody (Dearborn Fordson) a couple of guys from Fordson and a couple of linebackers from Glenville in Ohio."

Norman said he talked to a couple of the Ohio guys in particular. "I know Marcus Hall, the big 'O' lineman was there and I forget the linebacker's name (Jonathan Newsome) but the guys is good, he can really move."

Norman said, while he wasn't sure he if swayed the Ohio players to come north, he knows he had success on at least two guys.

"I know Ali Alaboody and Shamari Benton they are really trying to get a Michigan State offer and I"m really trying to push for it because they're both exceptional athletes. I feel that if Michigan State offers them - which I hope they will - they're probably going to be guaranteed commits. So I know those two guys are really looking forward to an offer."

Well actually at the camp I spent a lot of time with the head coach Dantonio and the defensive coordinator (Pat Narduzzi) and what will eventually be my position coach (Mike Tressel) I went around with them just talkinga bout schemes and what I should try to get down pat before I get up there. As far as camp, I just recruited the whole time."

What did the staff say that he should work on prior to arriving at MSU?

"Basically, Coach Tressel is telling me all that he looks for in a MSU linebacker. He basically telling me he wants me to be an excellent blitzer and just be a overall great athlete, both of which I'm good at. So he was telling me what he was looking for becasue at Michigan State they love to blitz and they love athletic linebackers.

Norman says he thinks he will eventually fit in at one of the outside linebacker positions.

"I'm most comfortable and what I feel comes most naturally is either one of those SAM (strong side) or WILL (weak side) oustside positions because I don't know, I just think that fits me best as a linebacker. It doesn't really matter, but they said I'm probably going to be on the outside."

He also feels the SAM opposite Greg Jones would be a nice fit, because he's been working on his coverage ability.

"That's real interesting because before the offseason started, coverage was one of my weakest points, but as the season progressed, I did things like track practice and worked on my agility and now I say coverage is one of my strongest points.

(Now) in 7-on-7's or in any type of passing camps, I think I have the speed and athleticism to cover a lot of ground and I get an excellent break on the ball so far as coverage goes, I think it's one of my strong points, especially as far as the linebackers," said Norman.

GSN will have more with this pivotal Spartan recruit and more on his efforts to bring additional talent into the class in part two of our interview.

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