Spartans Offer Top Oklahoma Lineman

"I think that is definitely where I want to take one of my official visits, to Michigan State."

DETROIT - He's 6-foot-5, 300-pounds, can bench press over 400-pounds, squat lift 590-pounds and runs a 5.3 - 40 yard time.

With those kinds of measurables, you can understand why Michigan State offered a scholarship to Alvin Bailey, a highly sought after guard prospect from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

While the Spartans have captured the interest of Bailey, they are not, by any means, the only or even the first school to offer him.

Bailey told GSN "I have offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa State and Michigan State."

Still they've made enough of an impression that Bailey says of his top five, "That's a tough one. Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan State - I've been talking to OU (Oklahoma), we've been talking and they said I'd be a great fit for them, but I guess they're just waiting, I don't know, but I've been talking to them - so OU is in my top five and probably Kansas State."

Ironically, Bailey told GSN that Michigan State was tipped off to his talent by former offensive coordinator Morris Watts. Watts is on the staff of Broken Arrow under Hall of Fame head coach Ron Lancaster.

"Coach (Morris) Watts, our offensive coordinator, used to be offensive coordinator up there for a while. He knows some people up there. They asked him if he had any players down here and he told them about me. He sent them some film and they liked it, so they offered me." said Bailey.

Was the offer sight unseen or did they fly down to watch him work out?

"They really didn't watch me work out they came down, talked to me and the staff, but they really didn't watch me work out."

So was Bailey surprised by the offer?

"Coach Watts told me they were interested and he told me that he had sent them some film and stuff and that they really liked me so I kind of thought (an offer) might be coming."

The big Tigers star admitted that he is intrigued by the possibility of playing in the North and Big Ten football.

"I really haven't heard much about Michigan State or their football program, but my coach (Watts) told me it's a nice school and has a nice campus with great facilities up there, so I'm interested just to find out (more about Michigan State)."

It is also interesting how Watts ended up back at Lancaster coaching high school football. But Lancaster, who is a member of the California Football Hall of Fame for his success at Rancho Cordova and who coach at Enid (OK) in 1983 and who led Jenks (OK) to the '93 State Championship, has had a friendship with the former MSU Offensive Coordinator from when the two played football together at Tulsa.

So when Lancaster was pursuaded to come out of retirement to coach Broken Arrow, he asked his old friend Watts to join him.

Bailey said he relies on Watts' input to continue his progress.

"Well mainly, Coach Watts works with the quarterbacks as a quarterbacks'coach, but we talk, almost every day.

The thing we talk about mostly is leadership. What it takes to be a leader and building mental toughness. We don't talk about the physical part of the game, we mostly talk about the mental side of the game."

Bailey says this isn't just another offer to him, he wants to really find out about MSU and if he could, he'd come up to East Lansing right now.

"I think that is definitely where I want to take one of my official visits, to Michigan State. I would like to come up there for an unofficial visit, but the way things are going right now I'm unable to. I do want to go up there and see it, see the facilities and meet the rest of the coaches."

What about the distance from Broken Arrow? Would he really consider playing that far from home?

"It is far, I mean it matters, but it doesn't because if that's the right place for me that's where I'm going to go. The only thing about being that far is my parents my have trouble watching me play and my family. But it's really not that big of a factor."

GSN will keep you informed and up to date on the progress of MSU's attempts to get Bailey to East Lansing.

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