Vushaj's Heart Says MSU, But His Verbal Waits

Under publicized Walled Lake Western prospect has talent galore and a Michigan State offer, but despite his love for the school, is holding off on making a verbal commitment.

EAST LANSING -- Edison Vushaj wanted to make one thing clear, he is not yet verbally committed to Michigan State.

"I have not committed, not yet," he said. I'm holding off, waiting for the signal that everything is right."

Vushaj admits he loves Michigan State and was excited about the offer he received a little over a week ago, but says he has his reasons for not committing just yet.

"They told me to just wait and think things over," said Vushaj about the coaching staff. When asked if his grades could be an issue, Vushaj waived that idea off immediately.

"I'm going to qualify and everything is going to be fine, but I'm just going to wait. I want to wait until I'm sure and the coaches want me to wait until I'm sure."

Vushaj said he loves the coaching staff, the school, the facilities and everything about Michigan State and says that he's going to turn his attention from this point forward to getting ready for his collegiate career.

He said he was excited and a little bit surprised by MSU interest in him as a tight end prospect. Vushaj has been watched mostly as a defensive end and a little as a receiver.

They saw me catch the ball a lot in catching drills and I caught pretty darn well, I guess," said a laughing Vushaj, "its cool and right after that I got the offer."

"When I got back, I talked to my coaches and my offensive coordinator put in a tight end package," laughed Vushaj. We talked about how we can best help the team and how they can help me. I can block really well and I can catch the ball, so who knows.

So then what gives?

"I really like Michigan State," Vushaj wanted to reiterate. "But I have my reasons and as of right now, I'm not committed."

Now after having read this piece, you might be drawing your own assumptions about Vushaj's status, but as much as he loves MSU, he's going to wait a little longer before making a verbal commitment to any school....even Michigan State.

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