Could Hammock Be #13 For State?

A player that MSU is heavily recruiting at a position of need is Fort Wayne Bishop Luers linebacker Tyquan Hammock.

EAST LANSING - With twelve scholarships out of what appears to be only sixteen available, Michigan State can now get very choosy with who they take for their Final Four tenders.

A player that MSU is heavily recruiting at a position of need is Fort Wayne Bishop Luers linebacker Tyquan Hammock.

Hammock recently checked in with GSN to tell us how seriously he is taking Michigan State's scholarship offer and how he intends to proceed going forward.

He told GSN the circumstances of Michigan State's offer of a scholarship came to him.

"Our last few games (at the camp) were 7-on-7. So I got a chance to work out in front of the Spartans coaches and obviously I performed well, so they gave me an offer," said Hammock.

So where does he stand with the Spartans now that he has that offer.

"Michigan State is a good fit for me, a great fit actually," he said, "but as far as the offer, I kind of just want to wait it out and make sure that Michigan State or any other school will be the best fit for me."

"So what I'm going to do is go up there on July 22nd for an unofficial and see what they're talking about really and I'll go from there," he continued.

"Hopefully, I'm thinking about committing sometime in October but if I find a home a lot sooner than that, I'll commit earlier."

Does Hammock think that trying to make a commitment during the season could be a distraction?

"Yeah, I thought about that before, about commiting before the season so I can focus directly on the season. But I can't see myself committing after the season because it could be too late or colleges could take back offers and I don't want to be left with something that I didn't really want.

If I find a home, I will commit before the season. If not, my timetable is around I mean August, late August," he said.

What does he think of the campus and the MSU environment.

"That's one of the things that I want to do. So when I go up there (on July 22nd) I'm going to really take my time and see the campus and meet some people," Hammock stated.

The 6-foot-1, 215-pounder confirmed he is taking this upcoming unofficial visit very seriously. He said he'll bring his family up so that they can see the campus and help him in his evaluation process.

"They should be practicing (when I come up), so I'm sure I'll get a chance to meet a lot of the guys and see my competition," joked Hammock.

Since they play similar styles, would Hammock like to take the time to pick the brain of freshman All-American Greg Jones, who burst on the scene with over 80 tackles as a true freshman?

"Exactly, yes, I would love to do that."

With only one linebacker in the fold, albeit a great one in Detroit Renaissance's Chris Norman, the Spartans could use one or two more despite having just four more to give.

If all goes well when he visits on the 22nd, Hammock could be commitment #13.

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