Maxwell Excited, Relieved to be in Elite 11

Future Spartan Andrew Maxwell is now a nationally recognized talent, not just some QB from Midland. He will travel to the prestigious Elite 11 camp in California next week to represent not only Michigan State, but also the entire state of Michigan, which he believes is a state not recognized enough for the football players it produces.

Andrew Maxwell was watching a baseball game with his dad when his cell phone rang. It was an Elite 11 director calling with an exclusive invitation. Maxwell was going to California.

"My first emotion was relief because I had been thinking a lot about it up until then," Maxwell told GSN. "It had been weighing pretty heavy on my mind because it was something I wanted to be a part of and something I wanted to do. So I was relieved and excited to finally find out."

The prestigious camp brings together the top high school quarterback talent in the country and gives them a chance to compete with each other and learn a thing or two from current and former players and coaches.

"There's going to be talent all over the place," Maxwell said. "I'd feel like I was cheating my team, cheating myself if I didn't learn anything. It's just a great opportunity to learn something, to compete and get better."

This will be Maxwell's second trip to California (he went when he was five) and his family plans to make a vacation out of the opportunity.

"We're going to do things in the Los Angeles area," he said, "we're going to catch an Angels game—my parents used to live in California, so I'll get to see their old stomping grounds."

Like the regional camps, the national Elite 11 will name an MVP, and while Maxwell says those things are always goals, they're not his sole focus.

"I'm just going in to do my best and do what I can do, the rest will take care of itself," he said.

The trip is also a chance to represent Michigan State, who will boast two Elite 11 QBs on the same roster next year with the addition of Elite 11 alum Keith Nichol, who transfered from Oklahoma last spring.

"Not only Michigan State, but the state of Michigan," Maxwell said. "People don't usually think of Michigan as a powerhouse kind of state for football." This is a chance, he explains, to prove all those doubters wrong.

"The whole experience is going to be unbelievable."

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