Spartan Brotherhood Grows with Commit No. 13

"It just felt good," said Scherry Hammock, mother of TyQuan Hammock, after visiting with Spartan head coach Mark Dantonio this evening. "I felt like he really cared about TyQuan as an individual, not just TyQuan as a football player."

Tyquan Hammock came to Michigan State this evening with his parents because they play a major role in his life, and committing to a school is one big decision.

After meeting with head coach Mark Dantonio and other members of the Spartan staff, TyQuan and family made MSU their home.

"It feels great to be a member of the Spartan family," he told GSN shortly after his decision this evening. "I really felt welcomed there and it's a good feeling for me."

Perhaps the overriding factor for Hammock was a coaching staff committed to putting its best players on the field. Hammock believes he can find action early.

"I really feel I can be an impact player—soon," he said. "There's no doubt in my mind that I'm able, physically and mentally, to play at the college level. It's just that whenever that opportunity comes to me, I need to embrace it with open arms and really just play the game I've played since I was five."

Another factor was the aggressive, fast defensive style of play coordinator Pat Narduzzi deploys on Saturdays.

"I think I fit Michigan State's style of play at linebacker," Hammock said. "It's a 4-3, and even when they run a nickel, they don't take the linebacker out. They'll have three linebackers in there at all times and that's a plus. That's more playing time and more of an opportunity for me to get in.

"And they're a 50% blitzing team, which I myself love because I'm a downhill linebacker, you know. I love to come up and hit people straight in the mouth. So you know what I mean? It's a great system."

Hammock said he started leaning toward MSU after his first visit earlier this year. But the final decision had to include his parents, who visited with him this evening.

"My mother and father have had a huge impact," he said.

Scherry Hammock said she and her husband needed to be a big part of such a tremendous decision for their son.

"We believe a decision like this is going to affect the next four to five years of your life, so you need to sit down and weigh the pros and cons, and that's what we do. We've always taught all of our children to always weigh out a situation, pray about it and decide which way you should go with it," she said. "And that's exactly what he did and I'm very proud of him."

Scherry said TyQuan can put the din of the recruiting process behind him and concentrate on school and preparing for college life.

"Now he can relax and stay focused," she said, emphasizing the importance of TyQuan getting a degree after everything is all said and done. She notes that he is interested in criminal justice as a potential major.

Proximity was another factor for TyQuan. Ft. Wayne is a short two-hour trip from East Lansing and staying close to his family should be no problem.

In the end, though, Hammock said Dantonio and the rest of the coaching staff made the biggest impact, distinguishing themselves as good people, let alone good coaches.

"It was really about the coaches that I'd be with for the next four or five years," he said.

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