Chalk Talk: Dantonio Breaks Down Owls

They'll play a variety of a different formations to create with, but their basic formation is going to be two-back, pro and slot formation."

EAST LANSING - In his weekly roundtable session, head coach Mark Dantonio talked about the challenge the FAU Owls present and how MSU would try to attack the Owls when the Spartans have the ball.

Here's excerpts of Dantonio's comments.

On the Owls use of multiple formations:
DANTONIO: "They're going to feature players that they have and they're very well organized. they run a lot of different sets, but having said that, they'll be in "I" -pro formation out there a lot too.

They'll play a variety of a different formations to create with, but their basic formation is going to be two-back, pro and slot formation."

What he and defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi are telling the defensive backs to watch for against the pass happy Owls?
DANTONIO: "They'd better play the deep ball. You better go up and get the ball, but have the ability to play the deep ball, because those guys are going to go up and battle."

Does he think FAU will be intimidated by the atmosphere at Spartan Stadium?
DANTONIO: "When you look at who they've played this past year, Kentucky, Florida, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, South Florida, five BCS type teams. When you look at them this year, they opened at Texas, came back against UAB and now they go to play their third game at Michigan State.
"They're no stranger to coming into a big stadium and playing. They will compete. I think they have excellent skill. They won a bowl game last year, Sun Belt champions, 8-5 overall, they can compete."

What FAU players will MSU have to account for?
DANTONIO: Outstanding wide receiver in #16, Cortez Jent. I think that goes up and make plays. Their quarterback is outstanding Rusty Smith. 32 plus touchdowns last year, well over 3,000 yards passing the football. Tight ends and the wide receiver I just mentioned all average over 20 yards per catch, thus far this year.

Defensively, Frantz Joseph, their outside linebacker was voted basically pre-(season) defensive player of the year in their conference. They're going to run around and be active. Their two corners(#26 Corey Small and #9 Tavoris Hill) led the nation last year as a tandem in interceptions."

What does he think of the trash talking the Owls are doing prior to the football game? Will that motivate the Spartans?
DANTONIO: "Well I would think it would be a little bit of motivation for people, but people are going to talk and have confidence. I don't worry about those things. We have a job to do, we need to be motivated. If that motivates so-and-so, that's fine, some other people it won't motivate. We all have our own internal ways to motivate ourselves. I leave it to my players a little bit in that regard, everybody needs to get themselves ready."

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