2010 Flint D-lineman Impressed with Spartans

With two players from Tre Branch's high school already on the MSU roster, the Spartans have a good shot at landing a fast-rising 2010 defensive lineman.

Michigan State currently has a couple of Flint Carmen-Ainsworth players on the roster. Otis Wiley, arguably the team's MVP, and Ryan Wheat hope to keep their own mini-Flintstones pipeline open for the football program.

"State, they're one of the big schools recruiting me right now," says Flint C-A's Tremondae Branch, who was at the Eastern Michigan game and said he felt at home amongst welcoming coaches and players.

"I liked it a lot. I felt comfortable because they have Otis there, and Ryan. They're all looking out for me," he said. "It felt good there."

Dan Enos is leading the recruitment of Branch for the Spartan coaching staff, and Branch says he and Wiley have talked on numerous occasions.

"He played with my brother, he went to Michigan for a couple of years," Branch said. "He wanted my brother to go to State and he's always been a good friend of the family, so we started calling him like family and he started being a good role model for me."

Branch has an open invite to MSU games and camps and hears from the coaches often. "It's a good relationship. I really like it there."

The Spartans and boys from Ann Arbor are recruiting Branch the heaviest at this early stage, and he also hears from Louisville, Stanford, Oklahoma State, LSU, Oregon, Purdue and Indiana, among others.

Branch, who stands nearly 6-foot-2 and weighs 245-pounds, plays tight end and defensive tackle at Carmen-Ainsworth and projects as more of a defensive end, but teams talk about possibly moving him around for one simple reason.

"I'm not done growing," he says. "A lot of (Web) sites say I'm 6-foot, but I'm really 6-1-and-a-half."

He says he enjoys his time on offense at tight end.

"I like hitting, so the blocking and all that stuff. It's just a fun part of the game."

Branch reps 225-pounds 15 times on the bench press and maxes out at 550 in the squat.

GSN will be in East Lansing on October 17 when Branch's squad travels to face the Trojans and MSU commit Blake Treadwell in a primetime game. Blake's dad, Spartan offensive coordinator Don Treadwell, noted the match-up.

"His dad said, 'Oh, you're going to play my son, huh? I'll be there'," Branch said.

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