Bracy Focused on the Prize

Under the radar Flint Southwestern student athlete is improving in the classroom and hoping to impress teams like Michigan State with his focus.

DeMarkus Bracy might have had some problems with focus in the past, but that appears to be distant history. When asked about his grades, he has plenty to say.

"They're going great. Everything, class is going great" he said. Bracy took the ACT a few weeks ago and will know his score soon.

"I got my head on straight and I'm just focusing on what's important so I can get to where I need to be at," he said.

With an open invite to unofficially visit a game during the season, Michigan State is still clearly still interested in Bracy. And if his ACT score jumps off the page, he could be jumping into Spartan Stadium.

"That's mostly what it is," he said when asked if coaches are waiting to see that score before investing the effort of heavy recruiting. "Once I get that together, that's what they're really looking for." Spartan coaches Harlon Barnett and Mark Staten have maintained open lines of communication with Bracy.

Bracy might have been to East Lansing earlier this year, but school commitments kept him at home. He said he's likely to visit at some point, but just has to make sure it fits into his schedule with other school and team priorities coming first.

At 6-foot-4, 235-pounds, Bracy is somewhat of an athlete prospect, but the three programs that are recruiting him the most (MSU, Cincinnati and Toledo) say tight end is a likely destination, with defensive end as an option.

"I'll play wherever they need me to," Bracy said.

As for the season he's in now, Bracy and teammates are eager to build off the victory over highly rated Saginaw Arthur Hill last Friday. The team has suffered with injuries, losing both starter and backup for periods of time, but seems have turned the corner after a 1-3 start.

Bracy puts it succinctly: "We just need to have good games, get as many points as we can for a playoff spot, and make sure the team doesn't lose."

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