Bullough Coming to Town, Twice

Traverse City St. Francis standout linebacker is focused on helping his team win every week with the goal of playing 14 games, but he'll take some time out on a couple of upcoming Saturdays to visit the school his dad, uncle and grandfather called home as linebackers themselves.

Michigan State is hoping the legacy continues with the next generation of Bullough linebacker.

Max Bullough, whose relatives have played collegiate ball for both MSU and Notre Dame, is near the top of the list of 2010 in-state prospects being recruited by the Spartans.

Bullough has been a linebacker for as long as he can remember, and when your father (Shane), grandfather (Hank) and uncle (Chuck) all played the position (for MSU), it's kind of a foregone conclusion, isn't it?

"I love being on the defensive side of the ball," Max, who plays the mike position, says. "That's definitely what wins games. I'm looking forward to playing linebacker wherever I go."

His attitude has clearly been molded by the football men who have come before him and in Max, part of that is manifested in his drive to see the team excel.

"I see myself as a leader," Bullough says. "I like to get the team together to rally."

Traverse City St. Francis is 4-1 on the season and Bullough says the team has its sights set on Ford Field

"We're playing very well right now," he says. "We're looking to going to the state championship just like everyone else. We're looking forward to playing 14 weeks."

He doesn't know his defensive stats off the top of his head (other people keep track of that stuff, he says) but reports catching a touchdown as a tight end on offense.

Bullough's busy schedule has prevented an earlier trip to East Lansing, but he'll be at Spartan Stadium for homecoming against Iowa and plans to return when the Green & White take on Ohio State. He is already familiar with the MSU campus, though.

"I love Michigan State," he says. "I've been there since I was a kid, so I'm really comfortable with it. I've always loved Michigan State, it's always kinda been in my blood."

Bullough reports good things about the Irish, too, pointing out the Catholic connection between his high school and ND.

"Both of them I'm real comfortable with," he says.

MSU and ND are perhaps recruiting Bullough the hardest, but many others are interested as well.

"As of right now, I have offers from Michigan State, Notre Dame, Iowa, Stanford and UCLA," he says. "I've been hearing from all those schools a lot."

But when you hear Max talk about head coach Mark Dantonio, it's not hard to believe MSU could have an early edge.

"I mean, how do ya — I love the guy. Perfect for what the team needs, from what I can see," he says. "He's a great coach. I like the way he runs things because he's seriously down to business and I just like that about him."

Is that the same mentality Bullough operates with?

"Definitely. It's all business."

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