Bullough Happy to be the Next "Spartan Dog"

Max Bullough continues a family tradition. "I went to the Iowa game last weekend," he says, "and it just kind of confirmed for me, this is my home, this is where I want to go, I want to be a Spartan."

Middle linebacker can be checked off Michigan State's recruiting needs list for a few years. Max Bullough is going to have that covered.

In what's becoming a regular occurrence, MSU received a verbal commitment from a blue chip student athlete when Bullough called coaches Tuesday and pledged for the Green & White. He broke the news to his future position coach.

"I called Coach Tressel and I told him first, then I talked to the rest of the staff — Coach Dantonio, Coach Narduzzi and I talked to Coach Staten."

When he spoke to head coach Mark Dantonio, Bullough says the their feelings were mutual.

"I told him I really wanted to be a Spartan. He said I was the first guy for 2010, that's really cool. He said they were really fired up and excited about it."

The decision, which he admits was not easy with great schools such as Notre Dame, UCLA and others pursuing him, came after an epiphany on a recent visit.

"I went to the Iowa game last weekend and it just kind of confirmed for me, this is my home, this is where I want to go, I want to be a Spartan.

"I went in the locker room after and met a lot of them and talked to them. Just a great group of guys and something I want to be a part of."

And despite the ostensible prematurity of the decision, Bullough says there was no better time than the present.

"It is early, but it really isn't for me because I've had these offers from last spring and I've just been thinking about it and decided I'd rather just do it now because I know fully, one hundred percent that I want to go. Why wait when I know?"

Bullough says it's a little surreal thinking about being committed as a junior, but sees it as an opportunity.

"I'm going to be there [at Michigan State] as much as I can for the games," he says. "It will just help me so I know that I'm there and I can concentrate on what I have in front of me which is high school ball."

As for MSU's current team, specifically its defense, Bullough likes what he sees.

"I think they're playing great right now," he says. "Playing with a lot of passion and that's the kind of ball I like to play. Playing with aggression and just playing with emotion."

With a 3.9 GPA it's obvious academics are important to Bullough.

"Yes, they definitely are," he says. Choosing a major is still a few years away, but he says business will be a likely area of study.

Football is always an academic subject in the Bullough household, and Max gets to learn from a master, his father, Shane Bullough, a former All-American linebacker at Michigan State.

"I come home after every game — I actually come home after every practice and tell him about what happened. But every game we always talk about it.

"I always ask him what he thought, I ask him how I played, how the team played, what I should have done in certain situations."

Max stays in touch with the other former MSU linebackers in the Bullough family: Grandpa Henry and Uncle Chuck. The news of a commitment brought music to their ears.

"They're excited about it," Max says. "They said I'll be a Spartan dog, just like them."

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