Visit, Last-Second Win Make Big Impression

Last Saturday, Tre Branch brought his parents, saw an incredible victory and plans on coming back with another important person in his life. GSN checks in with the 2010 DE/DT student-athlete from Flint Carman-Ainsworth.

Tremondae Branch's Flint Carman-Ainsworth team didn't have the kind of season he'd of liked, but Michigan State, a team he regularly roots for, sure is.

Branch came over to the Wisconsin game last Saturday and found himself watching one of those battles to remember.

"It was a really good game," Branch told GSN last night. His visit was designed to get a feel for both teams' onfield demeanors and philosophies, but was pretty happy with the final score.

"I was rooting for a bunch of guys to do good, but I like State," he said.

"The kicker (Brett Swenson), he made that first one, but the second one (to win the game), that was a head shot," he said with a chuckle. "I loved it. I tried to be independent, but I got so excited, I just put my heart in my pocket. I was so nervous, I wanted them to win it."

Branch got to celebrate the win with both of his parents, who went with him to the game, and he also got a chance to talk to the coaching staff and visit the postgame lockerroom.

"I talked to Coach Barnett," the secornaday coach, Tre said, "He was just telling me, you know, to keep working hard and stuff. ... He wanted my coach to come down next week, asked me how big I was, stuff like that."

Branch will be returning this weekend for the tilt against Purdue with his coach in tow.

Are the visits and his already-established affinity for the Spartans enough to move him into thinking about an early committment if he is extended an MSU offer?

"I mean, possibly I would," he said before pausing to consider his words. "I really like State. I feel like it's a little early right now ... but I don't really know what I would do, I don't really know yet, but they're number one right now."

Flint C-A had a rough go this season, wth the third head coach in Branch's third year of his tenure on varsity as well as some problems for some of Branch's teammates, but in the end, he's optimistic for the future.

"It was frustrating. ... It's been a rebuilding year every year and this year we had a young team," he explained, and along with bumps and bruises and offield issues, "most of the games we had at least four or five of our bench players in."

Team chemistry and cohesion suffered, he said, but that won't discourage the program.

"We really do have a good team, it's just we all have to be on the same page," he said. "It was a bad season, but we're going to rebuild."

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