Trip to Spartanland Impresses Top OL

Fox Chapel's Miles Dieffenbach, a highly-sought 2010 student-athlete from the Pittsburgh area, is taking notes as he visits college programs he'd consider joining. He has nothing but good things to remember after seeing MSU beat Purdue.

If you're going to spend six or seven hours driving somewhere, you hope — no, you pretty much demand — to have a good time.

For Miles Dieffenbach (DEE-fen-bach) a Saturday road trip to East Lansing did the trick.

The Pittsburgh-area interior offensive line 2010 prospect came to Michigan State because he had always heard good things (a friend's dad is an alum) and wound up pretty impressed.

"It was a pretty nice campus," he told GSN Sunday. "I wasn't thinking it was going to be that nice — all the buildings and all the facilities are incredible. The new football facility there is incredible, the campus is very pretty, very well put together."

The Spartans have recruited the 6-foot-5, 280-pounder as strong as anybody outside of Pennsylvania.

"They were the first team other than Pitt," to heavily recruit him, Dieffenbach said.

On his trip, he handed off a highlight video and got to speak with some of the staff, including secondary coach Harlon Barnett, who previously coached with Dieffenbach's current Fox Chapel head coach in Cincinnati.

"They were very good friends and my head coach wanted me to introduce myself to him," Dieffenbach said, "so I talked to him a good amount of time."

Pittsburgh has made the only offer thus far, but interest is coming from many besides the Panthers and Spartans.

Of those who are recruiting, Dieffenbach has a preferred list that includes the previously mentioned along with Penn State, Boston College, Purdue and Wisconsin. Georgia, California and Alabama are also interested. The junior gets six or seven letters a day, a testament to his talent and potential.

But beating Pitt might be tough; Dieffenbach's father, George Dieffenbach, is the head coach of the tennis team and has been affiliated with it for over 30 years.

Miles notes that committing somewhere early would have its benefits as he moves through his senior season next year. But Dieffenbach said his parents are allowing him to make an independent decision, and he's simply looking for the best fit.

"My dad and my parents are letting me make my own decision," he said, "so my options are open."

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