Suton Back in the Fray

"I'm pain free. Right now, I'm just getting a little bit of the swelling out. It's about getting the quads back and balance and endurance." — Spartan center Goran Suton.

EAST LANSING — There was an encouraging sign at the Spartans' basketball practice on Monday. Senior center Goran Suton practiced for the first time after having surgery on his left knee.

It has only been a week and a half since the procedure was done, but Suton was on the court with his teammates running the flooring and moving pretty well.

"He ran more than I thought he would today," coach Tom Izzo said after practice. "Today was his first day. We're going again tonight. They'll look for swelling or any kind or any discomfort."

Suton's return could give his teammates a morale boost, as they know that it will not be long until one of their leaders is once again suiting up with them on game nights.

"It's great to have him out there," Izzo said. "I think the other guys appreciate him out there too."

They do.

"He's such a cerebral player. He makes the game a lot easier," Marquise Gray said. "He's very good at communicating. It's always good to have him back just because of the things he brings to the table."

There is a good chance that Suton will play against The Citadel on Wednesday night. Izzo said that decision will be determined based on how Suton feels on Tuesday morning and how much swelling is still in the knee.

Suton is optimistic that he will be able to go on Wednesday.

"I'm pain free. Right now, I'm just getting a little bit of the swelling out. It's about getting the quads back and balance and endurance," Suton said. "I did pivoting and cutting and turning. That's probably the hardest thing right now, cutting, but I wasn't tentative at all."


Durrell Summers is an incredible athlete that can do an array of things on the floor, but he has an ongoing problem of having trouble on the defensive end.

The problem has restricted coach Tom Izzo's ability to play certain lineup combinations due to the possibility of having multiple players that aren't adequate defenders on the floor simultaneously.

The main combo that Spartan fans don't get to see is Summers and Chris Allen on the floor for extended periods of time.

"I'm not trying to make him and Chris into Eric Snow, Mateen Cleaves, or Travis Walton. I'm just trying to make him into something we can keep on the floor," explained Izzo. "I think he understands that. I think it's still just a mind thing. I think if he buys in, he's got the skills, the athletic ability and strength to do it."

Summers' performance on defense against Alcorn State was an improvement, according to Izzo, and Summers shares the same sentiment.

"Yeah, I agree with it, but he's still going to be on me about little stuff and little defensive mistakes," Summers said. "I think the main problem is off the ball 'D'. My on the ball (defense) has gotten a lot better. Off the ball, sometimes I tend to relax."

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